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why is a good corporate image important?

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A corporate image or brand image is commonly related to a name, term, design or symbol that identifies a product or service and, in turn, distinguishes it from others. But it does not stop there. The importance of the corporate image goes much further. It is more than a logo.

As David F. D'Alessandro said:

"A brand-based business is, quite simply, a business poised for success."

A brand lives and thrives in the minds and hearts of consumers and potential customers. It reawakens emotions and ideas in the consumer, so that they can be linked to your company. Today, there are endless options available to the consumer in different industries and niches. Many companies and businesses are looking for unique ways to connect emotionally with potential customers or buyers. A company cannot be left aimlessly stranded without an identity in a sea where every competitor has a well thought out and forged corporate image.

The importance of corporate image

You have to make the difference

The corporate image is fundamental. In addition to email marketing, SEO, SEM or content marketing, there are other pillars for a good marketing strategy. The corporate image marks the identity of the company. The corporate image is basic for the good functioning of the company. The construction of a brand creates an incredible added value to companies and businesses. The importance of the corporate image must be understood by each component of the company.

Nowadays the brand or corporate image has become much more important than in the past. Times change and with them the marketing strategies for all types of companies. On the other hand, it is also more difficult to create a good brand and build it from scratch. Due to its great importance and impact on your company, it requires time and exclusive dedication.

One of the reasons is directly related to the digitalisation of the world and the business environment. The best corporate images today are based on strong and perfected ideas. The best ones have remarkable creativity in advertising to help them break through the barrier of indifference of people and consumers.

Another reason why a good corporate image for your business must be treated with the importance it deserves is because of the competition out there. This makes small entrepreneurs and businesses compete against existing brands with a reputation and credibility built up over the years. It is a challenge to create a new brand, as it requires a strategy of unique sophistication. It is no longer all about a product or service and a name. Now, it goes far beyond that. The importance of corporate image crosses boundaries

You have to stand out in the skyline of brands in your sector

When developing a new brand or building a corporate image, we look to create something that stands out and stands out in front of the consumer's eyes. We look to build "it" that positions the company and is irreplaceable, creating between the brand and the customer a lasting, quality relationship. Remember that consumers love and trust a lot of brands. But above all, they believe in the experience, in the journey from being a mere stranger to becoming a forged customer. Creating an identity that resonates with consumers will be the heart of a brand and therefore of a company. So every decision in a company's marketing strategy will have to examine the factors associated with the brand and its tagline, helping to drive the emotional relationship with the prospective customer.

Apart from an external benefit, a benefit to the customer, building an effective brand also has internal benefits. It is no secret that it is easier to sell your brand if you and your team believe in it. If you are already having doubts about your brand, stop and think about what is wrong. If you don't believe in it, is a total stranger going to trust you?

Invest in your brand. Invest in your corporate image.

A successful company invests its time and effort in "selling" or educating about its brand internally. This thought of believing in something together will take the boat of your team through calm waters, making the consistency of a brand a tool of success for your company or business. Involving each of the members of the team to row for the same goal and, in consensus, in the same direction.

Therefore, it is clear that the foundation of any marketing piece or process is in the corporate image of the company. Every aspect counts. From the website, to the corporate identity, through the production of a video or the decision to incorporate one photo or another. Every aspect, every detail, is what builds a brand. Each of these details becomes an opportunity to increase and promote a successful brand awareness, improving customer loyalty. Every marketing department today knows and appreciates the importance of building a quality corporate image.

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