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Development of applications to improve communication with customers

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Since the world started to become connected, globalised and digitalised, customers have become more and more demanding of companies. In the 4.0 universe, users have found endless possibilities to interact. Instantaneousness has taken hold. I want it here and now'. That's why companies have had no choice but to join the latest trends and move forward. Go digital.

thinking of getting an App to improve your communication with customers?

why Apps can boost your communication with customers?

We are all looking for fluid communication, but to achieve this we need to be present where our customers move. That place is on mobile devices, phones and tablets, where we spend most of our time. According to some studies, such as Google's How People Use Their Devices, people spend around 170 minutes connected to our smartphone, which means that "our mobile takes up almost 3 hours of our day". So why don't we take advantage of this habit?

Companies have jumped into the mobile application race, so many of them already have their own, and you don't have to be a big company to do it. Why do they need them? What does it bring them? Is it part of their added value? Here are 4 reasons:

  1. It complements the strategy. Corporate applications are also part of the marketing strategy, as it is another channel that we must take advantage of to have a greater reach and convenience, as well as to improve communication with our audience.
  2. It allows us to keep abreast of customer trends, especially because many applications provide us with basic data on the people who follow us (age, location, gender, etc.) This information can be extremely important for obtaining customer data.
  3. It is a direct communication channel: thanks to the App, companies can establish a direct communication with their customers to inform them about discounts, offers, promotions and news. The customer can be informed about them quickly and easily.
  4. There are no time limits: the company may close the office at 6 a.m. and not be able to attend to its customers, but the application will allow it to be active 24 hours a day in case they need to consult any information in order to purchase a product or service.

These are the 4 reasons why companies can improve their communication with customers thanks to mobile applications. Do you already have yours?

Mobile applications: For a two-way relationship!

Improving communication with customers is one of the priority objectives of companies. Knowing their problems and needs is essential to achieve this, firstly, and then to develop an application in line with it. Having a quality application implies significant improvements in the relationship with each customer, as well as contributing to their loyalty and improving the company's visibility.

"The fact that companies are considering this type of solution lies in the fact that it allows customers to have frictionless access to the services they need from a company from wherever they want," says Datapoint's sales director for Spain, Enrique Hermoso.

When we talk about an application to improve communication with customers, we are not only referring to systems whose main focus is to improve communication, such as WhatsApp or Slack, but those corporate applications that improve communication as a result of a good service to purchase products, services or make any kind of query. Thanks to these advantages, the Apps allow to establish a two-way communication with the customer.

looking for attention on the move?

Mobile apps and customers: Let them find you!

are your customers a tough nut to crack? Well-developed mobile apps are a guarantee of success. We know that sometimes it's hard to reach your target audience, but with the possibility of downloading apps on your smartphone, customers will have no excuses to find you.

are mobile apps the in-house solution for your business?

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