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what is video marketing?

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Quick: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about video marketing?

We invite you to discover if you are on the right track in a post that will teach you what video marketing is and that will convince you to include it in your strategy - if you haven't already done so. We will explain in simple terms what one of the most revolutionary trends of this year consists of, its leading role in brand visibility and how it is making its way into Inbound Marketing.

are you ready?

What is and what isn't video marketing?

Yes it is an online marketing tool. Yes it is based on the use of audiovisual material to achieve marketing objectives. But it is not an intrusive technique. It does not consist of creating a video, launching it and forgetting about it. And it is not here to turn your brand into a place to pass through.

In short, and simply put, video marketing is adding video to your content in a meaningful way. It is born out of pure necessity, but it is not something new. What has really changed is the importance that audiovisual production has acquired in every platform and communication channel in recent years. Proof of this are the following figures:

  • It is the most popular format in content marketing, above infographics and blogs (HubSpot, 2020)
  • 87% of professionals who use it say it helped them increase traffic to their website (Whyzowl, 2020)
  • YouTube users watch an average of 1 billion hours of videos per day and billions of views are generated (Oberlo, 2020)

long live video!

what's behind video marketing?

We have a video. We scratch. And... Surprise! A multitude of benefits for your brand:

  • It generates credibility with the public.
  • It goes viral quickly.
  • Drives traffic to other online channels.
  • Increases public trust in the brand.
  • It is attractive, comfortable and entertaining.
  • Itempathises with the audience and arouses positive emotions.
  • It is transparent.
  • Itretains more information in the user's memory.
  • Itengages the consumer.
  • And it is much more experiential than any other format.

However, there is not just one type of video, but within the format, there are a multitude of typologies depending on the objectives we pursue: corporate, motion graphics, tutorial, cinemagraphs, explanatory... To your liking!

what are the types of video marketing?

As we have been saying, there are many different types of video that you can produce depending on your objectives and needs: for example, a testimonial humanises, a filmed video demonstrates a reality, and the explainer uses the animated format to explain, as its name suggests.

Let's look at some examples:

  • Brand videos

Not all videos are brand videos. Brand videos are part of a broader outreach campaign and show the company's vision, mission, values, and the products and services it offers. Sort of like a corporate video.

  • Event videos

The inauguration of a new business, a meeting of suppliers or simply a meeting with your community of users can be good reasons to make a video event. What you don't communicate, simply doesn't exist.

  • Demonstration videos

These are videos that show how a product or service works. Many brands use animation to explain complex processes in a simple way. Graphic design, animation and sound come together to explain the technical processes of software or other products. An attractive and understandable message is the final result.

  • Interviews

Doing interviews with leading experts in an industry or sector builds authority and confidence in your business.

  • Video tutorials

Also called educational. If you want to show your audience something new, this video can be the vehicle you need to make it known. People no longer spend their time assimilating content through text. Manuals and FAQs are becoming obsolete.

They are not the only types, so you don't need to take them on faith. Anything you can imagine can be conveyed on video.

Reasons that will convince you to do video marketing if you haven't already done so

A video marketing strategy is a powerful lead generation machine now and in the years to come:

  • If you're not creating content in video format, you're falling behind the competition.
  • Millions of users consume this format on a daily basis.
  • They are easily consumed and shared.
  • They increase conversion rates for brands.
  • They contribute to SEO, positioning pages among the top positions in Google.
  • They tell in one minute what you would say in almost 2 million words.
  • They differentiate you from the competition by far.
  • Creates a closer and more personalised atmosphere with the audience.
  • Tell stories while arousing feelings.

HubSpot' s latest Inbound event was different for many reasons beyond its Covid telematics nature. It was also different because of the emphasis and innovations in the audio-visual format. Among the most notable surprises from its speakers were the new insights and reporting tools on the HubSpot Video platform, powered by Vidyard, as well as the importance of creating a business YouTube channel to generate leads, as explained by Zach Basner.

are you clear on what video marketing is and do you have any doubts about the trendy format?

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