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what is Full Stack development?

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Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a large company without a presence on a mobile or web application. Information and communication technologies (ICT) have taken us to the most up-to-date side of relations, streamlining customer-company relations, as well as those of the organisation itself.

Thanks to this type of systems, companies are managing to increase their sales, be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and address the consumer, investor or professional by adapting the contents, among other things. So much so, that the Full Stack developer has already become one of the most demanded figures nowadays, but do you know what it really consists of? Pay attention!

Full Stack development in companies

Although it is true that there is still a general lack of knowledge about the Full Stack Developer, companies are increasingly demanding them, especially those that are in charge of developing software and mobile applications. This is a completely complete technical profile that knows how to handle both the back end and the front end. It is a specialist in operating systems and the components that exist between the back and the front, knowing in depth all their characteristics.

However, these are not the only requirements of a true full stack developer: he or she must also have knowledge of the architecture of servers and systems and extensive experience working with them, be prepared to take responsibility for a given project and be aware that his or her tasks may sometimes range from the assembly of a server to the CSS design of an application, a sketch, etc.

Of course, this professional profile is increasingly familiar with concepts such as: networks, servers, data modelling, UX, UI, etc., and must be renewed from time to time, as we know that technologies are a field in constant transformation. Recent companies, such as startups, small companies or others with a longer career may demand this type of development, especially because they help them to work on the different technical parts of the company, in general, and of the projects, in particular.

what languages and frameworks are used in Full Stack development?

Sometimes, there is some confusion about who is the full stack developer, the front end and the back end, so before we continue to tell you more, we want to make clear what differentiates them:

  • Full stack developer: Have you ever had a problem with your website's server? Who do you turn to? In this case, the full stack developer is responsible for solving these problems, although this is a figure in constant evolution. In fact, at any other time, we would probably have turned to the back end developer. Among the main languages and frameworks that he or she should handle are: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Android Studio and Laravel.
  • Front end developer: You will find them working with the browser, with the visible face of the company, with the external appearance of the website or application, so this type of specialist must know and handle HTML (to give structure to the website), CSS (to style the HTML) and JavaScript (to provide interactivity).
  • Back end developer: responsible for working with the server, behind the external aspects, and as such, he/she needs to have a wide knowledge of programmes, languages or frameworks such as: Java, Node.js, Python, PHP and ASP.NET, as well as being familiar with databases(Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL...).

These are the main programs that these 3 developers must handle in general terms. We are dealing with professionals in constant growth, development and transformation who are leading companies to achieve their technological objectives.

are you thinking of creating an application? Are you sure who is going to take care of it? Ask us all your questions.

Proceso de desarrollo de una aplicación

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