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What is content curation and how is it done?

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Content curation refers to the activity of selecting and disseminating content on the web. This technique involves searching, compiling, filtering and selecting the most relevant information that we find on the Internet and that will later be used to disseminate it through our channels.

Nowadays, having a blog linked to our website is essential, as it will help us to connect our brand with our audience and all our public, to create a universe of content and above all to position our website. Moreover, thanks to the figure of the "content curator", who is a professional who researches and collects the information that exists daily on the Internet and selects the most relevant and valuable content of its subject, this whole process is much easier.

what are the 5 main benefits of content curation?

  • It is a very good technique to find ideas to create most of our contents.
  • It helps to improve positioning.
  • It helps to give visibility to our brand.
  • It increases the number of followers.
  • It improves the image and online reputation of our brand.

Qué es la curación de contenidos y cómo se hace

how to do content curation?

  • Identify the needs of our audience. Before starting to look for content, we must first identify what our followers' needs are and what they consider to be useful content.
  • Search for information on the Internet: When we know what we want to find, it is easier to identify that information, using search engines, social networks, websites and aggregators to find all the content that we consider to be of interest to our audience.
  • filtering: Once the content has been selected, it is important to carry out a filtering process to discard the least valid options.
  • Organise the information: After filtering the content, we must organise it and store it with its respective sources in a repository system of our own.
  • Reinventing the content. One of the most important steps, as we must create fresh content with our own particular touch. We must think of new titles, new content options, a different structure, etc.
  • Share the content: Now that we finally have the desired content, we must distribute it correctly among our audience, by sharing it on our social networks, blogs, websites, news aggregators, etc. Measure the results.
  • measuring results: Finally, we should always measure the content we share on the different channels.

Qué es la curación de contenidos y cómo se hace

what are the best tools for content curation?

  • Freedly. Freedly is an essential tool for any professional looking to carry out good content curation. With this tool you can search, filter and sort blogs by different categories. You can also always be updating the content shared by the blogs you follow or group the content you are interested in to see it later or days later.
  • is a very interesting platform, as it allows us to create our own online magazine according to our favourite topics of interest. We just have to add the categories or topics on which we want to see information and the application will create an online magazine instantly. In the same way, allows us to create our own content, as if it were a blog; share the curated content on other networks such as Twitter or Facebook or access the statistics to see the reach of the publications.
  • Pocket is a very useful application, as it allows us to save all the information we are interested in from the network, tag the information collected, save it by categories from the browser and store the content through Twitter, Pulse or Flipboard, among other applications.
  • Reddit is a community where content is grouped by topic. Users can vote on content and it will gain relevance. You can also subscribe to content so that it shows you the content that interests you most.
  • Menéame: Aggregator focused on content on all topics. Users can vote on the content published and thus be able to climb to the front page.
  • Pinterest: This social network, so popular nowadays, allows you to archive images in virtual boards by theme. Users interested in that theme can share their images or add them to their own boards. It also allows you to subscribe to profiles or boards that you like, which makes it a perfect tool for having classified information and always being up to date.
  • ContentGems is atool designed 100% for content curation, where you can find great and curious content to share and thus accelerate your content curation to the maximum. Content Gems also sends you the content that interests you most by email on a daily basis.
  • is another very useful content curation tool, as it allows you to compile information in the form of lists. You can create lists by topic, or add content to other lists. It also allows you to vote on each list, leave comments, give feedback on your user experience, follow the list and even share it wherever you want.

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