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how can online businesses connect with their buyer persona?

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We are sure that both you and we know stories of companies where the arrival of the internet has left an indelible mark. We need to fill this gap with new expectations, a commitment to innovation and creativity, and a profound effort to adapt.

Companies have long since abandoned intrusive techniques to join the Inbound Marketing phenomenon, because there is no better way to find each other than naturally. If you pay attention to your audience's interests, they will find you. You don't need to show them your products or services unexpectedly and suddenly, because if you do, you will most likely get the opposite result to what you expected.

That's why you need to find a way to naturally connect with them, with your potential customers, with your buyer persona.

we encourage you to join us in this post.

Content marketing to connect with your buyer persona

did you know that content strategies can only be successful if you create the profile of your buyer persona? As we have already told you on occasion, this is the fictitious profile of your potential customer and the definitive step to put yourself in their shoes. If you understand what their interests and concerns are, you will be able to generate content that really adds value. This is how most companies manage to naturally attract their audience.

Using the words and ideas that your audience needs will help them find you, and there are no limits to what you can do, because remember that you are the only one who sets the limits.

Some of the reasons why content marketing has become a fundamental technique to connect with your buyer persona are the following:

  • It provides the value that users need.
  • It contributes to improve your web positioning, because writing constantly about topics of interest to your audience allows you to keep your website updated and improve your SEO.
  • It is not only a strategy for your clients, but with your clients, and it is through them that the connection begins.
  • It provides a professional image of the brands thanks to the specialised content they provide.
  • It is essential to give life to the soul of Inbound Marketing: attraction.

To bring your company's content marketing to life, it is necessary to follow some rules.

what happens if I don't spend enough time creating my buyer persona?

Most likely, you will never manage to attract your real potential customers. Remember that it is you who must design the path to your brand, because they are ready to start connecting with you the moment you awaken their interest. In many businesses, what happens is that they make mistakes in its creation, do not know how to do it or simply do not know what their role is in Inbound Marketing strategies. When this happens, the smartest decision is to go to a specialised agency.

Some of the most common mistakes are generalisation, asking the wrong questions, focusing solely on current customers and relying too much on perceptions. The creation of the fictitious profile should not be a light decision, but brands should spend enough time to ensure that it is a perfect match with reality.

If today it is possible to guide marketing efforts towards segmented and defined profiles, why do we do without it?

what should you do before creating your buyer persona?

Start by asking yourself questions such as: What makes my buyers invest in my solution? What differentiates my brand from my competitors? What is it that most impacts my potential customers when evaluating a purchase option? What are my consumers most concerned about? What are their expectations of my products or services? What do they expect to receive from them?

Asking questions is essential to grow as a person and as a brand.

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