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what is audiovisual production?

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Audiovisual production is the art of creating a product for audiovisual media, such as film or television. It ranges from financial aspects (capital), technical and logistical resources (the means) to what tasks are done each day (the work). Today we also tell you what phases the whole process is divided into and what are the most popular types of audiovisual productions.

in which phases is the audiovisual production process divided?

Audiovisual production is carried out in 3 phases: Planning (pre-production), Execution (production) and Editing and Editing (post-production).

  1. pre-production: We can consider this to be the most important phase because it is where the bases of what will be done at each moment are established. Budgets, means, professionals to be involved, spaces or locations are defined. In other words, it is a work of exhaustive and realistic planning of the whole project.
  2. production: In this phase, the decisions taken during the pre-production phase are materialised and all the teams (sound, lighting, audio, costumes, set design, etc.) work in coordination.
  3. post-production: In this last phase, the director and the directors select and edit the best recorded material. The editor is in charge of the editing and in this phase the production ensures that everything is available to achieve the final product. It also includes everything from the musical rights, if necessary, to the coordination of the editing hours.

Qué es la producción audiovisual

what types of audiovisual productions are there?

  • Commercials: This is the type of audiovisual production we are most familiar with, as commercials are almost part of our way of life. A commercial is an audiovisual support to an audience through television. Its duration is usually between 10 and 70 seconds to promote a product, service or commercial institution. From one minute onwards and up to five minutes, the advert can be called a capsule.
  • Music videos (music videos): A music video is a short film made primarily for broadcasting on video, television and through Internet portals, which provides a visual representation or interpretation of a song or theme song. It is usually created to sell or promote a song and to build or reinforce the image of an artist or group, although it also has other uses.
  • Film production is the process of creating a film and consists of several stages, including an initial story, an idea or a commission, based on a script, casting, shooting, sound recording, playback, editing and screening of the final result for an audience.
  • Documentary film is afilm genre based on the use of previously documented real images, with the intention of constructing a story. The documentary is the expression of an aspect of reality, shown in audiovisual form. The organisation and structure of images and sounds (texts and interviews), according to the author's point of view, determines the type of documentary.
  • Documentary series: A documentary series is a documentary recorded in different episodes that pursues the same story and aims to tell a subject in considerable depth. It can be on any subject and from any period in history. In addition, the documentary genre can also be broadcast as a series on television, as well as its different variants, arising from a process of incorporating techniques that are characteristic of other genres.
  • Fiction series ,also known as television series, is a type of audiovisual production made up of episodes with the same plot or theme. There are many types:

- Sitcoms or situation comedies.

- Family sitcoms.

- Dramatic comedies.

- Irreverent comedies.

- Political or social dramas.

- Crime dramas.

- Suspense, action, adventure or spy thrillers.

-Westerns .

- Superhero films.

- Historical, genre and biographical films.

- Science fiction, including dystopian and utopian.

- Fantastic films.

- Horror.

- Medical films.

- Animated films.

- Family sagas, doramas, soap operas and soap operas.

- Juvenile and children's films.

Qué es la producción audiovisual

  • Interview: In common parlance, the word interview refers to a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee, but in audiovisual productions, video comes into play to immortalise the interview.
  • Corporate video is a video that aims to present your company or business, i.e. it is a letter of introduction to the company, highlighting those values that positively differentiate it from the competition. Corporate video refers to any type of non-advertising video content created and commissioned by a company, corporation or organisation. Today, the vast majority of corporate video content is on the Internet, posted on the company's website page and distributed through social media or email marketing. Corporate video content is targeted to the key demographics or internal data of that company.

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