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What is back office outsourcing and why outsource it?

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You've almost certainly heard of it, that is, if you haven't already decided to outsource it. It wouldn't be surprising if we take into account the many advantages that outsourcing brings -we'll tell you about them throughout this post.

We cannot deny that we are in a transition process where companies need to join the digital transformation process, with all that this implies (a large-scale change in the organisation of the company, its processes, operations and products).

The back office has a lot to do with all of this, as it is the place where a series of administrative tasks that are essential to ensure the correct functioning of the company are managed.

find out the reasons for outsourcing this service!

Remembering the back office of companies

This is the part of the company where administrative activities are carried out, which are key to the productivity and smooth running of the company. Although they do not have a direct impact on the generation of income, they are essential for the business to function perfectly.

The bakc office is one of the most important parts of a company and includes the following activities:

  • Administrative tasks.

These are all those functions related to staff organisation, personnel and talent management, document classification, updating databases, tracking information sent to customers, etc. In short, it is everything related to Human Resources (HR) management.

  • Order management.

Having an exclusive department to manage the company's orders, as well as to follow up on them, is a great opportunity available to all companies that contract back office services.

  • Invoicing tasks.

These include all activities related to calculating invoices, making credit memos, applying charges, etc. In general, special programmes are used to create invoices.

  • Management and monitoring of marketing campaigns.

Take email marketing campaigns, for example, where a communication and marketing department is required to implement these actions (drafting, management, sending, processing and follow-up).

  • Communication with customers.

This is one of the main functions of a company's back office, given that it is important to keep them informed of new developments, either by calls, e-mails and messages, or by other means of communication.

In today's increasingly changing and competitive environment, companies take advantage of all available resources to save costs and improve results.

why outsource your back office services? 10 reasons that will convince you

One thing is clear, you are not going to achieve new results if you keep using unproductive tools in your tasks. Now, if you decide to outsource your back office services - all those tasks that take up most of your time - things change.

Here is the checklist:

  1. You will reduce operational and transactional costs by a tube. How many businesses have implemented task automation to eliminate unnecessary effort? A lot. And you can be one of them.
  2. You will standardise the organisation, with a common service model and a common way of working for everyone.
  3. You will bring flexibility. Brands walk at the speed of light, but with a well-structured outsourced back office, they will become even more flexible.
  4. Improve user and employee experience. Instant access to business information and services is key. Enable it.
  5. You will increase performance, with greater global visualisation of your company's activities.
  6. Facilitate collaborative work. With activities oriented towards a single objective.
  7. You will prioritise what really matters. No need to spend more time doing administrative tasks that will get you nowhere. Focus on priority activities.

and you will improve the investment environment!

Outsourcing and back office: the essentials

At Occam Digital Agency, we are convinced that you can reduce costs by transforming the back office. Whether you are a restaurant, a physiotherapy clinic or any other kind of business, outsourcing the back office saves significant costs.

Financial and accounting tasks, purchasing and ordering, costing and inventory, operations and staff management no longer have to take up your time, and back office technology solutions help you to schedule them, set up processes and procedures, operations systems, inventory tracking and control, staff management software... and much more.

Simply put, back office outsourcing is effective for many reasons. The most outstanding, perhaps, is that it prioritises core activities and stops spending more time and money on administrative tasks. Outsourcing prioritises long-term processes and creates new strategies for growing your business.

it reduces costs and boosts productivity!

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