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what is an infoproduct, types and their main advantages?

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On the internet, and especially in the world of blogging, we are facing infoproduct fever. There are more and more of them and it doesn't look like this system for earning money with a blog is going to end in the coming months as it is a very interesting passive income.

Infoproducts are an essential part of digital marketing strategies and the reason is simple: if they have quality and provide the information your audience needs, they will help you convert more visitors into customers.

what is an infoproduct?

An infoproduct is a digital article where data and information are structured in a specific format to instruct, educate or guide the consumer towards a predefined purpose. In other words, it is a small product (ebook, course, whitepaper...) based on the experience of a professional aimed at helping your buyer persona. Moreover, these products are not distributed physically. There are no shipments, no face-to-face classes or anything. Everything is digital and distributed through platforms that automate the process 100%.

Infoproducts offer valuable content according to their target audience. They are directly related to the area of expertise of the author, who can be an expert with a personal brand or belonging to a company.

Types of infoproducts

The most popular infoproducts we can find are:

  • Templates: This is a very coveted option since planning and organisation are fundamental to manage any digital business. Creating templates is a useful resource for planning content, organising ideas, etc. Templates are a very typical infoproduct.

Experts recommend selling a pack on different topics, either to organise content, to create a marketing plan, an agenda, etc.

  • Online courses: Another of the most famous options is the creation of online courses for people to buy and consume periodically. We can create several and make them accessible at all times.

For example: a WordPress specialist can create a basic, intermediate and advanced course on how to create web pages.

  • Masterclass: Another possibility could be the creation of an outstanding class in which a specific topic is solved. They usually have a low price. The person who buys the class will be able to solve their problems according to the instructions of the instructor.

  • Webinars: If you pay to go to in-person events to watch lectures, why wouldn't you pay to watch lectures from home? In fact, there are many events that already offer paid streaming online.

  • Ebooks: The most popular and well known of all, you can create an ebook that compiles the knowledge you have captured in your last 100 posts, publish it on Amazon and start generating income in a matter of days.

Whether you are in marketing or finance, there is always a place for your own infoproduct.

5 benefits of launching infoproducts

Infoproducts are a way to generate passive income and at the same time approach very specific niches that have a number of problems that need to be solved as soon as possible. But what are the other advantages?

  • Your content will be available every day of the year and at any time.
  • Your customers will be able to study the content when it is convenient for them.
  • You will have a source of passive income, as the hours spent creating the infoproduct are minimal compared to the earnings you can obtain.
  • You will share your knowledge and add value to the lives of your consumers.
  • You will have an element to position your brand as an expert in its field.

On the other hand, when creating these infoproducts we have several facilities, for example:

  • The distribution of infoproducts: the difference in price between distributing a product by post or creating a course or sending an electronic ebook is very large, i.e. the economic investment in infoproducts is much lower and they help to obtain passive income, the only thing you have to do is to give support and promotion.

  • Easy to create: an infoproduct can be anything from a 50-page ebook or a course with 10 15-minute videos. And this can be produced in a matter of weeks or even days. Furthermore, they do not require large resources.

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How to create successful infoproducts

When planning the creation of your infoproduct, follow these recommendations:

  • Provide information according to your expertise

Consider how much knowledge and experience you have on the topic when developing an infoproduct. To start with, you can create short content, dedicated to a less specialised sector.

Before creating an infoproduct, analyse what your audience is looking for and the types of products they buy. For example, if you create a product related to "How to pay off my debts", your audience is unlikely to buy a monthly membership. However, an ebook that solves their problem may work better.

Target your infoproduct to the interests and needs your audience has, and integrate emotions into your material that they can relate to.

  • Guide your audience to get going

The information you provide to your audience should be practical and easy to implement, so that the benefits can be felt soon after implementation.

Be concise in the information and outline a specific objective. Show briefly what needs will be met, as this summarises the value of your offer. For example: it is better to offer an ebook titled "What is remarketing? How to do it with Google Ads" than "A guide to using Google Ads".

Your ultimate goal is to structure your knowledge and expertise into an infoproduct and learn how to communicate your message, so your audience will have what they need to get from point A to point B, as well as talk about you positively.

Once you have your product created and online, it's time to promote it- promote it on your own site, seek partnerships with other brands relevant to your audience, run ads on your social networks and get ready for more revenue!

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