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how to make customers fall in love?

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Your company wants them, appreciates them and will apply everything it knows to win them over. Conquering a customer is like conquering that person you like so much. If you want your customers to be impressed with your product or service, you must make the interaction with your customer like a love conquest. At the beginning you will use all your efforts to capture their attention and then, once you have got their eyes on you, we start with the real interaction and bring out the big guns.

To enrich this relationship that has just begun, it is important to generate rewarding experiences, share ideas, the way you express yourself, everything adds up to gain their trust. And, just as in a relationship, you must not forget to take care of the details, to maintain good communication and to solve possible problems or complaints. Remember that all your customers matter and all deserve the same love. Otherwise, they will perceive that they are not interested in you and will not hesitate to leave. In this case, love is sharing. So, how to make customers fall in love? Sweeten them until you are irresistible and they have no choice but to buy you, choose you and return to you again and again... like that love you cannot forget. To win their love, trust and devotion there are certain steps you must follow.

how to make customers fall in love? 10 infallible steps to achieve it

Here are 10 steps that will work to get and keep your customers happy. We don't guarantee that this will work in a relationship, but you could try it and see what happens. Without further ado, here are the 10 steps to a happy customer:

  1. never assume:

    are you really sure what your customers want? Don't assume this. Businesses fail because they think they know their audience, but they don't. It is important that you know who they are, what they do, their motivations, the things they hate, and so on, in order to find out what they are looking for. Identifying your buyer persona is important here.

  2. record the details:

    Keep a record of each customer's consumption. This will help you to know what their tastes are and anticipate their needs. In this way, you will be ready to make known the options that your brand offers, as well as to provide solutions to possible problems

  3. never fail: on time and in the right way:

    This is what you should always do with your customers. Don't fail them, give them what they ask for and do it well. If a problem arises, talk about it, communicate it. Your customer will understand if you know how to explain it and you won't lose them because of misunderstandings. You could have a process of checking tasks in order to evaluate if they are fulfilled on time and correctly.

  4. let him try... a little bit:

    just a little bit to captivate him. Send him a sample of your product, offer him downloadable or other material. This is the opportunity for him to get to know you a little bit more and realise that he needs you. It is important that you leave him wanting, as, if you give him everything right off the bat, you will not arouse his curiosity.

  5. gain their trust:

    "We have everything you need" or "we are what you were looking for" ... The consumer is fed up with these clichéd phrases that only seek to sell, sell and sell, but we want to sell, right? Yes, but there are ways to do it. You need to deliver what you promise, spend time with them, keep them informed, let them know that their opinion matters to you and that thanks to their contributions you are improving. It takes a little time, but if you know how to reach the consumer, you will never leave their life again.

  1. don't talk to them in Chinese:

    We don't mean that you speak in any particular language. We mean that you make yourself understood. Don't use technical terms or very complicated phrases to sound interesting. That will only drive the consumer away. Be more approachable, present specific solutions, clearly state the benefits you offer. Don't get tangled up, because you will only lose an opportunity to win them over.

  1. don't forget the "thank you":

    don't forget to say thank you. This seems obvious, but we often overlook it. The impact of a simple "thank you" speaks well about your company and the attention you pay to your customers. An email or message with a thank you will be highly valued.

  1. keep the connection:

    while we're not telling you to write to them every day, don't forget to write to your customers at least once a month. If you forget them, they will do the same to you. Send useful content that will help them in their day to day lives. Follow up with your customers and if they respond to you, continue the communication. This way you can develop a relationship and build bonds. Remind them that you exist!

  1. don't let them leave angry:

    A satisfied customer is a message reproduction machine. You will get free publicity: they will recommend you to others. Give them the opportunity to express what is bothering them, show you care about helping them and solving their problem(s). Don't forget to offer quick solutions and an incentive such as a discount on their next purchase. The same attention you give them, will be received. Don't neglect them.

  1. Reward them for being the best:

    your loyal and constant customers are the most valuable in terms of profitability. Therefore, it is important to generate an emotional connection with your brand that makes them keep consuming and recommending you. You can give them an incentive that fits your sector, but remember that this must generate a contribution and nurture the customer-brand relationship.

Don't forget that seduction is the perfect weapon at the beginning of any relationship without leaving aside the respectful and attentive treatment. We hope this information helps you to answer the question of how to make customers fall in love. Don't forget that it is a process that takes time and a lot of research. Knowing your customer is the first step to start building long term bonds. Put these steps into practice and you will have long lasting results.

Now that you know how to make customers fall in love, will you apply these steps in your marketing strategy?

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