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what is an ABM strategy?

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An ABM strategy is a growth technique in which marketing and sales work together to create personalised shopping experiences. It is a concept closely related to inbound marketing as it focuses on buyer personas to drive all commercial action. Now we tell you more.

what types of ABM are there?

Before implementing your strategy, it is important to know that there are two different formulas on which you should base an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign:

-ABM by account: This is the type of marketing that focuses on finding the accounts, companies or people to which we should direct our commercial action. However, before we get down to work with our ABM campaign by account, it is necessary to have some resources that allow us to carry out the work we want to do. That is, we need to have a marketing and sales team that helps us to approach those specific customers, have the necessary tools to segment the accounts to which we want to direct our action and be able to create specific content for each of the customers we want to target .

-ABM by industry: This type of campaign is developed when you also want to create an account-based marketing campaign but more economical. What is done in this case is the same as in the ABM by account. However, instead of targeting customers or brands individually or customised, we will do it by sector, which will allow us to cover several brands within the same group. By creating this type of campaign, the information that reaches our brands is less personalised, since we have focused on the sector of that company, not on it individually. Similarly, it is also interesting for the brands that receive this information since what arrives is related to the industry to which they are dedicated.

¿Qué es una estrategia ABM?

how to implement a correct ABM strategy?

  1. Choose the accounts you want to target: When you are going to start developing the ABM or account-based marketing campaign, it is normal that you do not know which exact customers you want to target. Therefore, it is essential to make a selection process before starting to develop the strategy: know which customers you want to target, why and how you are going to try to reach each one of them.
  2. Create a decision "tree": Once you have chosen the customers you want to target and you have personalised the information, it is time to create the tree. This means nothing more than segmenting the campaign information and distributing it so that it reaches the customer in a staggered manner and they do not receive all your advertising information at once, which they will not know how to manage.
  3. Design the contact strategy: Depending on the type of client you want to target, some forms of contact will be more effective than others to reach them. In this phase creativity comes into play, as your campaign does not have to reach them only through emails, but you can create work groups on Linkedin or Facebook, go to job fairs and make yourself known from there..
  4. Getting the first customer acquisition: After the first customer acquisition, their data and preferences are collected, and from there, the educational process begins. A marketing process that allows a profile-by-profile mapping, i.e., in ABM you can know exactly which user has opened or not the contents, which one you should insist on more, etc.
  5. Start the educational process: This is the last phase of the ABM strategy or account-based marketing campaign and, at this point, it is time to send your personalised content in a segmented way so that the client can intuitively process and educate the profile of your lead so that little by little he/she becomes a client who decides to invest in your brand.

¿Qué es una estrategia ABM?

what are the main benefits of an ABM marketing strategy?

  • Improved ROI- An ABM strategy offers one of the highest returns on investment of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic.
  • Itis efficient and reduces waste. With an ABM strategy we target customers who have real meaning to the business, so instead of having a low conversion rate from new names to leads as we would with traditional marketing strategies, we start with a group of people who are already more likely to convert.
  • Personal and optimised treatment. ABM also involves personalising messages, so that brand values are also conveyed. Targeted customers are more likely to interact with content that is specifically for them and relevant to their business.
  • Great target tracking and clear measurement: When we analyse the effectiveness of campaigns, whether through emails, ads, web or events, it is easier to draw clear conclusions, as we look at a smaller set of potential customers rather than a broad set of metrics.
  • Boosts sales and brings about marketing alignment. ABM is perhaps one of the most efficient ways to align sales and marketing. This is due to the fact that the marketer who carries out an ABM strategy operates with a very similar mindset to sales ideas in terms of accounts and how to target customers.
  • ABM is not only about acquiring new target customers, but also about retaining and growing them.

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