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what is Aircall and what are the benefits of integrating it with HubSpot?

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There are many reasons why companies place great emphasis on satisfying customers by catering to their specific needs, and one of them is that it greatly affects the relationship they have with them. There are many tools on the market today that allow you to reach customers efficiently, but there is also a need to bring these tools together to offer a complete service to customers. This is the case with integrations.

Bringing together tools like Aircall and HubSpot gives customer service, sales and marketing teams a stable foundation to create, build and maintain a great customer service experience.

want to find out what Aircall is and what benefits its integration with HubSpot brings? Read on because we tell you all about it in this post.

what is Aircall?

Aircall is a cloud-based virtual switchboard and telephony solution for today's businesses that stands out, above all, for its ability to integrate with CRM tools, Helpdesk solutions, and many more. It helps sales teams to communicate with their customers and prospects through all the traditional communication channels, but with tools with professional capabilities.

It enables organisations to have rich and insightful conversations with their customers to close in-depth deals efficiently and leave customers satisfied.

It is extremely easy to set up and does not require any hardware. Its main objective is to offer telephone support to organisations to help them easily manage and access their customers, prospects, leads, etc. and be highly collaborative when communicating with them.

Aircall features

Aircall, in addition to being a powerful, cost-effective, and easy to use switchboard, has several additional features:

  • Automated call logging
  • Automatic ticket creation or workflow triggering
  • Reporting of call data
  • Instant numbers in over 100 countries
  • Business hours scheduling
  • Phone tree/IVR routing
  • Team-based queuing
  • Call recording
  • Call commenting and labelling
  • Hot and cold transfer
  • Live call listening and whispering
  • Transfer to external users, teams and numbers
  • Activity and productivity reporting
  • Click-to-dial and PowerDialer
  • Advanced API and webhooks

How the Aircall and HubSpot integration works

The HubSpot-Aircall integration is one of the most popular telephony solutions for customers using HubSpot for good reason: it centralises everything for your sales and customer service teams to improve their conversations with prospects and customers.

Notable features include:

  • Automated logging of all calls and SMS data
  • Workflow triggering capabilities for specific follow-ups
  • Power Dialer tools for more efficient outbound calls
  • Insights Cards to provide key details during calls

With so many features available, both sales and customer service teams are better equipped to drive efficiency and provide more personalised experiences to both customers and prospects.

Benefits of Aircall and HubSpot integration

Aircall's integration with HubSpot puts customers at the centre of the business by enabling support agents, sales teams and marketers to streamline their call workflows, increase productivity and track the customer journey during acquisition. The benefits of this integration are listed below:

  • More complete data

Aircall allows you to track phone conversations within your company with information such as call duration, phone number, call outcome and more. With the integration of Aircall and HubSpot, all call data will be available in HubSpot and can be used for reporting and workflow triggers.

  • Access to customer history

Sales reps and support agents can easily access customer history from HubSpot before answering calls in Aircall, meaning that when teams receive an inbound call, Aircall Call-Pop automatically delivers vital customer information, giving them context to improve the customer experience and have a better conversation with them.

  • Greater flexibility

The integration of Aircall and HubSpot greatly increases flexibility. For example, when working remotely, you can use the Aircall mobile app to keep your HubSpot data up to date regardless of your location. This will ensure that the quality of your calls is not reduced and the risk of data loss when working away from the office is eliminated, as important information is recorded in real time.

  • Time saving

The tools of the Aircall integration with HubSpot allow you to save on customer service and closing sales deals. You can leverage Aircall tags to automatically trigger the ticket resolution flow in HubSpot or save time during call blocking by uploading a list of phone numbers into the Aircall PowerDialer and automatically calling your contacts.

want to integrate Aircall and HubSpot?

The integration of Aircall with HubSpot offers a huge range of possibilities. If you want to transform your business and make your processes much faster and more effective, this is the perfect tool for you.

And Occam can help you complete this integration without you having to worry about a thing.

Just contact us and we'll take care of everything.

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