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what is Clubhouse and how can it help your sales strategy?

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Clubhouse is one of the latest social networks to hit the market. The app was launched in the spring of 2020, and since the launch of TikTok in 2016, no other major social network had emerged on a global scale.

Moreover, this social network was born at the right time, as due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the app grew rapidly and was downloaded massively among iOS users. Confinements and mobility restrictions made Clubhouse relevant in the market, just like TikTok, which increased its number of users considerably during this time.

Itis likely that the time you were at home without being able to go out, you may have read or heard about it on the different social networks, such as Twitter, but if it doesn't ring a bell, don't worry, continue reading the post and we will reveal everything about Clubhouse. And as experts in digital marketing, we are going to analyse it in depth so that you know what it is about, how it works and how you can apply it to your sales strategy.

what is Clubhouse and how does it work?

As we have mentioned, Clubhouse is a social network that has grown a lot during the time of confinement and mobility restrictions. To join you have to download the app and register with an email, put a password and your phone number. But this social network was not like the rest, after following the steps you did not enter directly, but you had to wait for a user who was already inside Clubhouse to invite you to start. Without this invitation you could not access. This was its main attraction, exclusivity. But since the summer of last year, the application decided to remove this barrier.

This platform was initially created only for iOS devices, but later it launched its version for Android, which led to a significant increase in downloads, thus eliminating obstacles for those who were reluctant to use it due to limitations such as the phone's operating system or not having an invitation.

This app is somewhere between a radio format and voice chat, some say it is similar to Twitch but in audio version. It works in a simple way, you join the conversations that users have in real time, participating directly in them or you can be alone as an audience. If you are an audience, you can "raise your hand" and the moderators of the conversation will give you the floor so that you can participate. That is, within the application you can be a moderator, speaker or audience or listener. In the latter mode you can only listen, as if it were a podcast, but also interact with your voice if the moderator allows you and you want to. Video, text or images do not enter this app.

Clubhouse organises content into rooms and clubs. Rooms are places where a conversation takes place. Rooms can be programmed with a date and time and the application will notify users of this event in case they want to join. There are three types of rooms, which vary according to their privacy:

  • Private room: access is by invitation only.
  • Social room: access is limited to people you follow.
  • Public room: open to any user who wants to participate.

Clubs group users according to their tastes and interests, and within each club you can create rooms. Clubs are groups of users with common themes, and if the club administrator creates a room you will be notified if you want to join the conversation.

how can Clubhouse help your business?

Although at first glance it may not seem like a very useful social network for your business, because of its podcast-style format, like the rest, if used well and with imagination you can get a lot out of it.

You can create a community with profiles and professional interests similar to those of your brand, so linking your business strategy with Clubhouse can be a good idea. Just as your digital marketing plan includes a strategy on social networks such as Instagram or TikTok, add this new one. Trying out new formats will not lead to failure, remember that testing is important to improve your business.

Although selling through social networks is difficult, there have been sales through this new network. The use of clubs can help your company to build a good community of followers with interest in what you do, similar to what happens with Facebook pages. Within this club you can create rooms where you can disseminate content, present your products or services and even sell directly.

You can get a different benefit from Clubhouse, as it has a different method of communication.

  • You can make your company known through the rooms. You create one and spread your message, content, goals, etc., everything that is important and relevant for your future potential customers. In addition, through the biography, the only text part of the application, you can create a good cover letter to attract the attention of users.
  • Become a referent in your sector by generating conversation between referents, who will add value and listeners will be interested in listening to your content.
  • Increase your contacts. This social network allows you to be known among those who may be your future clients and among other entrepreneurs in your sector, because you already know that an important part is to increase your contacts and to be recognised.

But how can you increase your sales? It's easier than you think. Once you have created a club, a good community, and you have explained, disseminated and shared content about your company in your rooms, it's time to sell through these rooms. Just as many podcasts disseminate content about courses, or for example, how to start a business in cryptocurrencies, you can create a room to talk about your new product or service and end up offering it to your listeners. Here you can play with different tactics, such as offering them a discount or exclusive content for buying after that conversation. It's all about trying and seeing what works best for you.

But what should you keep in mind about the current Clubhouse?

We don't want to discourage you from using this innovative social network, but we do want you to take into account its current situation. Although the platform has not stopped growing, it has done so on a much smaller scale than imagined when it was launched.

It was born to change everything, but other big leaders such as Facebook have pulled out the big guns to compete directly with this app, as has Spotify or Discord, creating applications or versions with a similar operation. But Clubhouse has the strength to compete and one of its latest updates was the possibility of being able to record the audio of the rooms to share it.

we hope this post encourages you to give this platform a try and that you enjoyed reading it!

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