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what can I do to increase the ROI of my technology company?

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what is ROI, how can I increase my company's ROI, what characteristics should I take into account, can content affect the ROI of my technology company?

By dint of awareness, we have managed to see the Inbound methodology as the most direct way to get leads. They are out there. Very close. On the other side of the screen, which means there is hope to reach them and, better yet, for them to find us. Question after question, we have managed to come up with an answer tailored to the demands of the IT sector. We have one of the keys to increase ROI, are you ready to know our secret?

You have the power, don't give up!

what is ROI for companies?

Before we start getting into the depths of Inbound Marketing, we thought it would be a good idea to explain what ROI is. Known as Return On Investment, it has become a priority objective of any marketing strategy. It is nothing more and nothing less than the economic value that is generated as a result of carrying out different activities. In other words, it is the way in which we measure the return on our investment.

aumentar el roi de mi empresaIf there is one thought we should bear in mind when we undertake an Inbound Marketing strategy in our company, it is that everything we do can be measured. There are no actions or tactics implemented that are unmeasurable or incalculable. All our efforts are capable of delivering specific results, so ROI should be calculated in a professional and recurrent manner, as it is the most commonly used economic ratio to calculate the profitability of companies.

We understand the ratio as a "quantitative relationship between two phenomena that reflects a specific situation of profitability, level of investment, etc." If we apply this definition to ROI, we can understand that it is a relationship between the income or results achieved in the Inbound strategy and the effort, or investment in general, that has been invested in the Inbound Marketing campaign.

"For every euro invested, how much money have I earned?"

The content generated influences the increase in ROI

Content is the fundamental pillar of the Inbound Marketing strategy, so it could not go unnoticed in front of the ROI. In fact, it is one of the elements that to a greater extent intervene in the behaviour of this ratio. The question is 'why'.

In general, there is no specific technique that allows us to measure the influence that content has on the revenue that companies earn. The posts generated are a mix of many elements (keywords, titles, subtitles, images, bolding, etc.), which changes the impact that content has on SEO and revenue performance.

It is a constant relationship between multiple elements that, at present, is practically impossible to measure directly. However, its influence on ROI is brutal, as the quality and effort invested in Content Marketing will increase the percentage of ROI.

For this, it is necessary to be very clear about the guidelines to follow, as not just any type of text will do. It is important that technology companies know some tips when using content and increase the economic value of ROI. As specialists in Inbound Marketing, we recommend you:

  • Do not focus only on your blog, since there are other relevant aspects within the content marketing strategy that can directly influence the ROI.
  • Offer experience to your users, as it will increase trust in it, as well as value and help.
  • Track the number of times users share your content on social media, visits to your website and the number of downloads of your content offers.

why is ROI important for companies in the IT sector?

ROI can be important for several specific reasons, but especially for one in general: the metrics tell us which of the actions we have carried out are the most profitable, where we should focus more, what we should change, etc. In short, ROI helps companies to make accurate decisions and adjust the initial budget in their Inbound Marketing strategy. ROI also serves to:

  • Determine whether the actions we are carrying out are the right ones from the point of view of profitability, i.e. it shows us whether the strategy is profitable or not.
  • Help us not to waste time with unnecessary actions that serve no purpose.
  • Manage our company'sresources in the best possible way.
  • Check which channel or channel generates the most revenue for our company.
  • Introduce improvements in the administration of our budget.
  • Compare different investmentprojects in our Inbound strategy.

Calculating ROI is essential to make the best decision for future investments. That is why companies are increasingly less doubtful about its usefulness. It provides us with valuable information to evaluate which actions are more profitable and which are not. You know: wherever you look, information is power. Now it is in your hands.

do you want to know what our conclusion is?

We have reached the end of this post, and that can be the beginning of your success. We can only give you a brief summary of what we have tried to convey. Today we have talked about ROI, an economic value capable of measuring all the actions carried out in our Inbound Marketing strategy. Although content cannot be measured directly, it is important to know that it has a significant influence on the behaviour of the ROI. Technology companies are protagonists of the current market, so they should take advantage of the techniques of this methodology and not undertake actions in vain. Agencies specialised in Inbound Marketing are already doing it.

don't waste your time!

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