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The role of video in content marketing

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how are you doing in terms of attracting potential customers? Surely, although you know it is important, you are not giving it as much importance as you should.

At Occam we are ready to tell you a decisive key not only to achieve it, but also to engage your audience, increase credibility and, why not, be more attractive and entertaining.

Content marketing is the most important link in anyInbound Marketing strategy , but achieving a balance with other techniques is the key to your results.

The secret to achieving your objectives is not a lot of wisdom, so take note of what we are going to tell you.

Video as theidealcompanion

Knowing exactly what content your customers value most gives you a head start. Video has become the ideal companion to any content strategy because it pushes the boundaries of any communication. It is the favourite format for brands, not only because it works best for audiences, but also because it is consumed by millions of internet users every day.

We are no statistics gurus, but our curiosity has led us to delve into this question: "Globally, the average viewing time is already 5.75 hours per week, almost a third (29.1%) watch between 1 and 2 hours. 17% watch online videos for more than 10 hours per week", according to Producción Audiovisual.

Video is an ideal companion to the posts you share on your blog because it helps users to better understand what you are telling them and to retain that information.

Dear reader, before jumping into the wonderful audiovisual world, you should think very carefully about how and when to sharevideos as part of your content strategy, because don't forget that they will have a direct impact on the way your consumers will perceive and share your information.

"The only way to know if something works or not is to launch it.

do you know what content your customers value most?

You have probably already checked what type of content your audience likes to read and share the most. Analysing their reaction rate is an ideal task to know the best way to communicate with them, and understanding their behaviour is decisive when targeting them. So, start by finding out which social networks they are on, learn how to position the content they want to read, think about what they care about and how you can help them.

We all have our potential audience - finding them is in your hands.

As a consequence..

Making posts is good, but doing it with the ideal companion can be great. Videos are one of the favourite companions for companies and consumers, a common point that should be taken advantage of. The audiovisual format allows us to retain the information in the memory of Internet users. We put voice, sound and movement to the written text, as a kind of support in which all our senses converge at the same time.

The results can always be improved, don't you think?

It is no coincidence that video marketing has become a trend. Nothing happens by chance, and even less so when it comes to improving. Making your brand known, promoting a new business idea and multiplying your sales in the online world are some of the great advantages of using video. This is a technique that can change everything.

how much importance are you giving to video marketing in your content strategy? Do you want to exploit its full potential?

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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