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Instagram: how to implement it as your sales channel

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Instagram is one of the most used social networks of all time. For this reason and because of its many features, companies are increasingly using it to implement their sales channel. Some of the advantages it brings us are: It boosts your business:

  1. it is an important platform for the digital transformation of your business; it also allows you to get to know the behaviour of your users and meet new ones.
  2. promote your products and services, you can use your own photos or you can use free image and vector banks to edit them creatively. Remember that the work does not end with having a beautiful image, the text you put in the description of that image must also be attractive and clear.
  3. humanise your brand or business. This is the ideal social network to show your human side as a brand or business. It is essential that you are authentic and coherent and tell your community the reason why you exist. To achieve this, it is important to show some images of the team, as well as having a story to tell. Showing personal and professional actions increases trust in your brand.

Instagram: cómo implementarlo como tu canal de ventas

How to implement Instagram as your sales channel

There are plenty of tactics you can use to implement your sales channel and capture the attention of new users on Instagram. Here are a few of them:

  • Use Instagram Stories more: Stories are a visual format adapted to the screen of devices that lasts for 24 hours on the platform, although they can be highlighted later. Within this tool you will have access to various resources to accompany your photos or videos such as GIFs, emoticons, music..
  • Use Instagram IGTV: This way you share valuable content with your audience in this format and you can receive the corresponding benefits for having advertising in your videos.
  • Upload content to your profile regularly: Likewise, Instagram is a highly visual platform, so creativity in your posts is essential to attract the attention of your audience. Users respond better to a visual stimulus than to textual information.
  • The role of Influencers: An influencer has an established audience and is able to persuade others due to their level of trustworthiness and reach on Instagram. They can help you gain a large following in a short period of time.
  • Use Call to Attention (CTA): Publish content that invites participation, so that your followers feel feedback from you. This is why the social network has different functions to improve engagement with your audience. Surveys, questionnaires, questions, a countdown, are some of the interactions that will allow you to establish a more direct relationship with your followers.
  • Use paid advertising: This point is linked to attracting new followers on the platform. You can create ads from your own posts or create content to advertise via Stories. Set a budget that fits your goals and you can track the performance of your ads. On average, advertising on Instagram costs between €0.14 and €4.
  • Liveevents are a way to increase engagement with your audience. You can use them to share valuable content with them and take advantage of the trust they gain in you to invite them to buy your product or hire your service with an additional benefit for having accompanied you to the live event.
  • Do sweepstakes: The most common way to participate is to ask users to like the post, follow your account and mention a couple of friends in order to get publicity.
  • Take advantage of hashtags: They are useful to classify the content of your posts and using them correctly will increase the possibility of new users discovering you and being able to interact and be interested in your content. Pay attention to the following tips!
  • Don't use spaces or special characters ($,* or %)
  • Don't use too many hashtags
  • Don't overdo it with hashtags
  • Look for hashtags that have to do with the context of your post

    Instagram: cómo implementarlo como tu canal de ventas

    what tools can help you improve your sales channel?

  • Canva: A website with different graphic design functions, it is very useful when creating templates for social networks, whether in the format of posts, stories or posters.
  • LInktree: It is a tool that allows you to group different external links within the same link. In the case of Instagram, which allows only one address in the biography, the option becomes interesting to show all the important channels of your profile.
  • Alternative text: This is a visibility technique that allows you to add a more complete description of your photos. It is a very useful tool with regard to SEO and Inbound Marketing.
  • Instagram Insights: It is a completely free tool that allows you to measure data from your posts and stories, as well as the behaviour of your followers and other information that can help you determine your strategy.

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