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what are the tasks of a coolhunter or trend hunter?

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Coolhunting, which in Spanish translates as trend hunting, is a discipline or professional trend that is responsible for investigating and observing the trends that are emerging in society. This term is widely used in the world of digital marketing and advertising, although it can be applied to other sectors, as it is now very fashionable. For all this, the figure of the coolhunter, which we are going to talk about today, has also become avery important piece for many companies and many businesses seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition and always be on the latest trends.

what are the advantages of coolhunting?

1.It allows us toturn threats to the business into opportunities and minimise their impact on the company.

2.Coolhunting takes advantage of all trends for commercial and economic purposes.

3.It innovates and creates new concepts in brands, products or businesses.

4.It launches products and/or services successfully on the market.

5.It matches company innovations with social trends.

6.Canbecome innovation leaders.

¿Cuáles son las labores de un coolhunter o cazador de tendencias?

what is a coolhunter?

The literal translation is trend hunter, so a coolhunter is a person who is in charge of being up to date, making predictions about changes in trends and getting to know consumers as much as possible in order to reach them.

A good coolhunter must also be a master of the sector he or she works for, have knowledge of sociology, be an expert in new technologies, but above all know how to observe and analyse everything that surrounds him or her .

what does a coolhunter do?

The professional coolhunter ismainly dedicated to research and the collection of attractive and new information. Then he or she must capture the signals of what is new, interpret them and find a pattern betweenthem, sincethe objective is to understand what the mentalities behind and within each signal are.

Finally,based on this analysis, the coolhunter will be able to offer insights for the company and promote its innovations.

¿Cuáles son las labores de un coolhunter o cazador de tendencias?

in which areas can the coolhunteract ?

Nowadays, the coolhunter has carvedout an important niche in the market and is active in various segments. Here are some of these areas. Come and find out what they are!

1.Marketing: marketing allows the dissemination of news to a large number of people. Moreover,in this area, the cool hunter seeks to understand the most efficient way to communicate with people considering their temporal and geographical context .

2.Food market: Coolsignals are also manifested in food, because what we eat is avery important part of our culture. The food marketcoolhunter understands what people's priorities are in terms of food. In the same way,knowledge of these preferences serves as a guide for companies, since they achieve better results when they know the preferences of their public.

3.Cosmetics market: Here,thespecialist must identify what is important to consumers at any given time, enabling the company or business to develop niche-valued cosmetics and make-up products and achieve market success .

4.Technology. This is one of the most important markets for coolhuntingprofessionals , because, at the same time as it is fruit, it also generates social change. The specialist in this sector is responsible for capturing the needs that are not being met and reviewing them so that technology companies can transform that data into a product that solves that demand .

5.Fashion. Fashion was the first domain ofcoolhunters and even today it is still one of the main fields of action of these great professionals. In this sector what seeks is to understand what people communicate with their clothes, what sense it makes to them and what needs are left out by current fashion. For example, a coolhunter would be able to analyse why, in the case of fashion, bell-bottoms or high-waist trousers are so popular, or why dresses with ruffles are worn instead of sequins.

Now that you know what coolhuntingis , the advantages of this practice, what a coolhunter is , its functions and its fields of action, itonly remains for us to remind you that an important part of this practice is to know and analyse thecompetition. Observing how your competition acts can open new paths and help you make better decisions. In the same way,betting on coolhunting means that a brand is at the forefront, both in innovation and in the latest trends of the whole market, and, of course, that it is not left behind. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post and that we have solved all your doubts!

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