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what is coolhunting?

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Nowadays we live in a world in constant change, not only in the market, but also in consumer preferences. Trends come and go, what is fashionable today may not be in fashion at all in a month's time. This is where coolhunting and the role of coolhunter come in.

Don't worry if you are reading this for the first time, today we bring you an article to explain everything about this topic. Keep reading!

what is coolhunting?

Coolhunting, which in Spanish translates as trend hunting, is a discipline or professional trend that is basically responsible for investigating and observing the trends and styles that are emerging in society.

This term is widely used in the world of digital marketing and advertising, although it can be applied to other sectors. This practice seeks to detect trends before the rest, in order to implement them and adapt to them before the rest. What is sought by carrying out coolhunting is that companies are more competitive and innovative, due to the high competitiveness of the markets today.

In recent years, coolhunting and the coolhunter, who is the person in charge of this, have become an important part for many companies that seek to differentiate themselves and always be on top of the latest trends.

what is a coolhunter?

We mentioned it in the previous section, but it deserves a little more than a simple mention. The coolhunter is a profession closely linked to the fashion, advertising, design and marketing industry, but that doesn't mean that it is not present in other sectors.

Its literal translation into Spanish is trend hunter, so it is the person who is in charge of being up to date, making predictions about changes in trends and getting to know consumers as much as possible in order to reach them.

A good coolhunter must master the sector he or she works for, have knowledge of sociology, be an expert in new technologies as he or she will use them on a daily basis, but above all know how to observe and analyse everything that surrounds him or her. The ability to observe is a fundamental part of this job.


what does coolhunting consist of?

As we have told you, it is very important for brands to differentiate themselves and therefore the need arises to know in depth what they want, what they are looking for, what their interests are, what their needs are and how to attract consumers.

Coolhunting is not only limited to researching the latest trends, it also studies and analyses how consumers' tastes and preferences will evolve. This is done in order to anticipate and identify new opportunities before anyone else and to be able to fight against possible threats, which is why this practice has grown so much in recent years.

You can see how through coolhunting companies are in a position to compete in the market. It is a beneficial discipline for brands as it provides them with information to be able to anticipate.

In addition, as we said before, the coolhunter is responsible for identifying the thoughts and needs of consumers, they investigate the target audience to know them in depth. It is important that for this work, the person is very aware of the buyer persona profile of the company, to always keep them in mind.

Advantages of implementing coolhunting in a company

This methodology brings great benefits to brands, so today we tell you some of them. The good thing about this discipline is that it is useful for both large and small companies, as they all aim to make a difference and identify market and consumer trends before anyone else.

The good thing about coolhunting is that it has a very wide coverage when compared to other forms of market research.

Some of the benefits are:

  • companies are aware of new trends, so they can turn them into opportunities and thus minimise risks and threats.
  • you exploit trends for economic and commercial purposes.
  • new trends can attract new consumers, which companies can use to target new audiences.
  • turn threats into opportunities.
  • bring new products and services to market more successfully because you know consumer tastes.
  • innovate brand, products and services
  • by being aware of upcoming trends, match these innovations with those of the company

Young partners discussing in meeting at creative office

Now you know what coolhunting is, the figure of the coolhunter and the benefits of this practice for companies. It only remains for us to remind you that an important part of this practice is to know and analyse the competition. Observing how your competition acts can open new paths and help you make better decisions.

Coolhunting means that a brand is ahead of the curve, both in innovation and in the latest trends, and does not fall behind.

we hope you enjoyed reading this article and that we have answered your questions!

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