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Aerial videos to publicise your business

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aerial video with drones?

Even those who have never used a drone before will understand, because this small unmanned aerial vehicle has found its way into a multitude of sectors.

What at first seemed like an optimal tool for the military (you know, for tactical reconnaissance and battlefield surveillance), has been extrapolated to the civilian world (pollution control, forest fires and citizens during confinement) and business (aerial videos to publicise companies).

Drone video is about capturing reality from the air, like St. Peter from the sky but without the clouds. In reality, it's like going out to get a complete picture of your facilities, but well dressed, groomed and combed. In other words, your best face.

and how do we do it? With video. At Occam Digital Agency, we want to talk to you about aerial videos recorded with drones for companies, their characteristics and advantages. Let's go!

what do aerial videos with drones consist of?

Aerial images and videos have been available to very few people for many years. Of course, using helicopters and cranes was very limited. However, drones have changed the audiovisual landscape completely, as they complement perfectly with video marketing.

Drone business videos are all about presenting your business or telling your story in a different way - in fact, there is already talk of aerial video marketing and quality drone filming to capture bird's eye views of all kinds of detail.

what types of aerial videos can you make? We can think of a few examples:

  • Corporate video to present and publicise your business.
  • Outdoor event video to spread it through the net.
  • Original advertising spots.
  • Cinematographic filming.

Corporate video is one of the main ways for companies to show their philosophy, and event video is the most common way to say 'I'm here' with images.

Our professionals will make your aerial drone video a unique and competitive brand experience.

"No place is far away when you can fly".

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

7 benefits of shooting aerial business video with drones

Professional videos shot with drones are ideal for unique pieces that make an impact on the audience. They generate feelings and arouse emotions in the viewer. In short, it's an ideal change of perspective to capture the audience's attention.

ready to take note of all the advantages of aerial drone video?

  1. They offer creative and impactful shots compared to companies using a more traditional approach.
  2. They makea representative difference to a company's branding.
  3. They offer very highquality images from multiple perspectives.
  4. They not only allow you to shoot outdoors, but also indoors.
  5. They reduce costs and guarantee professional photography from the air.
  6. They generate new emotions in the audience.
  7. They are more effective.

Considering that we live bombarded by visual stimuli, drone videos become a gateway to attracting customers.

get ready to give a twist to your traditional content!

What you should know about drone regulations in Spain

The drone is attractive for many reasons: if it allows you to get a different point of view, if it provides a view from unimaginable places... But before you start creating an aerial video and take to the air, you need to know some legal aspects of the drone. You know, the regulations that apply in each country or territory. Here are the ones in Spain!

  • The scenarios defined with specific restrictions are:
  • Unpopulated areas (VLOS). The drone can fly at a maximum distance of 500 m from the pilot and at a maximum height of 120 m.
  • Controlled airspace areas: Restriction not to exceed a range of 100m and a height of 120m.
  • Night flight: You must have an adequate lighting system that guarantees the visibility of the drone and AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency) authorisation.
  • Controlled flight from moving vehicles: You must ensure that you do not lose sight of the drone from the vehicle you are in.

However, over the course of 2021, the regulations concerning drones in Spain will be updated in order to homogenise the European licensing framework. The aim of the regulations is to unify the laws throughout the European Union, and the main requirements foreseen in their update are as follows:

  • Security Forces and Corps need the Official Drone Pilot Licence.
  • The rest of the population will have to pass an AESA exam (level 1 or 2).

"Fly high, not for the world to see you, but for you to see the world". Everything clear so far?

Conclusions about aerial audiovisuals

It is of little use to have the best drone in the world for audiovisual production if you don't know how to use it. The same goes for professional cameras. You need a specialist to capture high quality and valuable aerial views and images to achieve your goals.

For this reason, we recommend you contact a company specialised in aerial filming. If before you had to resort to an expensive system to equip your camera, now, the use and high definition quality of drones provide professional results. Undoubtedly, they are a turning point in your communication strategy that captures the essence of your brand from the first moment.

At Occam Digital Agency, we work to fly and we fly to get the best results. Air or ground equipment, we adjust to your budget and needs.

are you ready to let your imagination fly? Do you want to surprise your employees, partners, clients and suppliers with a corporate video made with a drone? Do you need creativity, filming, editing and an audiovisual product that makes an impact on the audience? Are you looking for aerial videos that will leave your audience open-mouthed?

we are waiting for you!

Pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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