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We create your own back office for your company

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Back office development has becomea common topic in companies, but what exactly is it? What is it for? We take advantage of thetechnological evolutionwe are going through to share with you what back office is and how it can help your company. At Occam we can develop your own. You don't even need to be a programming guru because we create a very easyto use interface.

do youhear back office and think to yourself, 'oh my gosh'? We can help you.

Back office:What is it?What isit for?

It is a privately accessible website where you can manage your applications from any place or device, update information, manage users, send notifications, view statistics, configure your messages to the client, etc.

Use it to:

  • Analyse and track accounting.
  • Do all functions related to human resources, staff organisation and personnel management .
  • Classify internal documents that are vital for the company .
  • Update your databases.
  • Follow up on information sent to potential clients .
  • Manage credits, debits, charges, collections, non-payments and invoicing.
  • Track orders.
  • Edit, manage and supervise emails in email marketing campaigns.
  • Oversee regulatory compliance.

You can carry out the back office tasks directly or, if you prefer, you can use other companies or external entitiesthroughsubcontracting or outsourcing.

what can we do for you?

Transforming the back office is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is done when there are warning signs of change, for example: you spend too much time responding to your customers, there is a noticeable lack of focus on your core tasks, there is a lack of process optimisation, you have too many administrative costs, too much time is spent on managing the different departments of thecompany, etc.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, the digital transformation of your administrative tasks is calling you. At Occam, we analyse your needs and those of your customers, design and create unique user experiences and help you identify the full potential of your devices and systems. This process does not haveto be complicated or involve extra effort for you. On the contrary, we work with a user-friendly interface to make your tasks as easy as possible.

We develop your company's back office

Fromnow on you will be able to log inquickly, observecompany statistics, send notifications quickly and make effective data-driven decisions .

Let's take the example of a company that needs to create its own back office to manage invoices, customers and other stakeholdersthroughanonline booking managementsoftware. We want to facilitate your access and interaction in the system and the back office will have to be accessible from the web browser.

  • Objective: On the web side, we want to work on actions for users and invoices. From a collaborative point of view, we want to encourage internal communication through chats, emails or other channels.
  • Controllers: Administrators (they manage partners, invoices, customers, etc.), collaborators (they can perform the same tasks as the administrator, but need his approval), customers (they interact mainly with administrators to accept or reject invoices), partners (they can manage customers, invoices, etc., and, unlike collaborators, they can offer customer service) .
  • Analysis and design: A sketch is constructed on the basis of the data collected from the analysis, and the design is created according to the selected interface(s). A development software must also be chosen for implementation. At this point, all the screens for the different profiles, the class diagram and the entity model for the back office are designed.
  • Implementation, testing and testing. We evaluate the result and take into account that we are dealing with software that, on specific occasions, will have to support simultaneous user requests. We analyse the response of the system.

This is just an example of a company that needs to manage invoicing in a much more direct and automated way, as well as avoiding access to andmanipulation of the database .

Other reasons to invest in the back office

Invoicing is not the only reason why companies are investing in the development of their own back office. On other occasions, they are looking to update it to respond more efficiently to customer expectations, both in terms of the agility of processes and the personalisation of their products and services. With this objective in mind, many of them are strengthening their commitment to Big Data and Analytics,

They want to transform technology to live up to customer expectations and adapt their digital channels to new demands. This is the case ofSanta Lucía, where its CIO, Edmundo Pico, says: "We arealso workingto streamline our back office processes. We have promoted a series of initiatives jointly led by Business and IT, with a clear objective of innovation to achieve this transformation in an agile way".

Uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the back office

Agrowing number of companies are investing in the development of an AI-optimised back office, and it is bursting into offices in all types of businesses, from Banking and Investment Services (to analyse fraud in transactional data), to Insurance (chatbots), Healthcare providers (forcomputer-aided diagnosticsand process optimisation tools), Retail (for market segmentation, fraud analysis, etc.) and Natural Resources (forcomputer-aided diagnosticsand chatbots).

Factoriesare also implementing this type of technology to apply it, especially in intelligent robotics and process optimisation. The PublicSectoris also applying AI in its processes .

The back office is the place where the most important processes of the company are carried out to offer value to its consumers. Take care of it! And if you have any doubts, giveusa call. At Occam we want to hear from you.

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