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Video tutorials and training solutions

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how many times have you wanted to explain complex concepts in a simple way without really knowing how to do it? I am sure that on many occasions you have wanted to show your clients, workers or other users how to do certain things step by step in an efficient way and without making it a complicated and boring task.

The e-learning offer is in full expansion, and everything indicates that it is only the beginning of a technological revolution in the world of training that will develop as the Internet provides more and more communication tools through which users will be able to learn everything they need and train themselves properly through new technologies.

Vídeo tutoriales

Nowadays, people spend less and less time assimilating content through text. Manuals, FAQs, etc., have become obsolete. People prefer to learn in a visual way. Video tutorials are becoming an increasingly used format in terms of training, as they stimulate learning considerably.

In fact, nowadays there are video tutorials for practically everything, and we can affirm that everyone who is in contact with technology has used them at least once to carry out a function that they did not know how to perform or to acquire information about something in particular.

Training and development departments in companies increasingly need to be able to offer training solutions that are effective, fast and that do not separate the employee from their jobs. This demand has generated the concept of JIT (Just in Time) training; that is, small training interventions that are capable of directly satisfying the employee's need for development and training.

Imagen vídeo tutoriales Occam e-learning

why not create your own video tutorials so that your employees or clients can easily understand what you want to explain? We can help you.

Occam Digital Agency has specialised in the development of video tutorials, How to's, Video FAQs, manuals, etc. Creating unique videos or collections that combine the effectiveness of expressing something in a natural way, while clearly showing in the video the different steps to follow.

Our brains are designed to absorb information visually and aurally, using formats ranging from high quality screenshots to role plays or representations with actors showing a process. Especially recommended for explaining the use of new software or platforms, or for companies that offer answers to frequently asked questions from their customers about certain processes (hospitals, insurance companies, banks, etc.)


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