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Explanatory video and motion graphics: the secret is in the base

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have you decided to produce a video for your company and don't know where to start? No problem! The explainer video is a format that complements the textual information in audiovisual format. Without going any further, the piece that accompanies this post can be an example of explainer video, because it supports, summarises, explains and complements in a visual way everything that we are telling you through the text.

It is a type of short video, ranging from one to a maximum of three minutes. It has got companies out of a lot of trouble, as there is nothing like animation to tell something complex in a simple way (a business idea, the characteristics of a product, the operation of a service, a novelty in the company, the celebration of an event...). In short, everything that costs you more than a breath to tell.

Motion Graphics are the great friend of the explanatory video. They have a lot of information to tell and process. And when they come together, they generate an entertaining, illustrative and direct format. They are a combination of graphic design, animation and sound, which is a plus.

Join us, we're going to tell you all about it.

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The power of animation in the explainer video

An explainer video has a great advantage in that it can be viewed via online platforms, shared on social media, posted on blogs, sent by email, accompanied by a newsletter... Being short, it explains things clearly and concisely and does not take up too much of the user's time.

it attracts! One of the best ways to explain something is through conceptual drawings, as if you were telling it to a child. Think like them, make the content entertaining, use animation. Haven't you ever turned on the TV and found yourself hooked by The Simpsons, Tom and Jerry or Family Guy? Even if you're not such a child anymore, they still attract you and you know it. That's the power of animation.

If you're looking for an innovative way to promote your products and services, or your business, what you need is an expert to guide you on the path of audiovisual presentations. And to help you create a successful video, of course. That's precisely what we're going to talk about in the following section.

Let's see... Let's see... Where does the process of creating an explanatory video begin?

At Occam, we pay attention to graphic design, in motion, and what better way to tell you about the process of creating an explainer video than through the steps we take with our clients.

You've seen it in digital, film and advertising, accompanying publications of all kinds, dancing with text, bringing storytelling to life and sitting with the audience. The process we follow at Occam starts with:

  1. Client contact: The client tells us and we listen, think and dream.
  2. We meet, brainstorm and define which are the most important.
  3. From that meeting, we get the main idea to make the script, define an illustration concept and establish the storyboard.
  4. We write the script and meet again to complete the visual part.
  5. Our audiovisual design and production team works on the illustration and animation to bring the video to life.
  6. we take the result out of the oven and show it to the client!

He is our main focus. We work together, in coordination, to define a memorable and recognisable graphic line (if he doesn't have one) to place his projects in the public's mind. We turn difficult and dense information into explanatory data, easy to process and remember. All the sequences come from the script that has been established with the client to tell what he wants in a brief way.

do you want to materialise an idea, stand out, stay? The advantage of Motion Graphics is that they can be adapted to any company and serve to explain complex concepts. At Occam, we can be your allies. Long live synthesis.

The advantages of explanatory video with Motion Graphics

The great advantage of the explanatory video over other formats is that it is the best way to efficiently convey your business idea, which is why it is one of the most popular formats:

  • 2D or 3D animation allows you to explain what a product or service is and what it is for in one minute.
  • The audiovisual audience will increase in 2020, with "online videos being watched for at least 84 minutes a day", according to Panorama Audiovisual.
  • It is much cheaper than an advertising spot and more attractive to your company's potential customers.
  • It is easy for users to share on websites, blogs and social networks.
  • The public prefers information that comes with video rather than that in which we only find text. It is much easier to consume and arouses emotions.
  • Itallows complex ideas to be expressed simply and briefly.
  • It is easily modified with a controlled budget.

If you have decided to produce a video for your company and you already know which audiovisual format best suits the message and the objectives you want to convey, you have already taken one of the most important steps. Motion Graphics and Explainer are not the same, as you know, but they usually go hand in hand, they can be adapted to any digital platform and become striking audiovisual pieces in a short time.

And best of all: we are specialists in this format. We put all our love into animating and post-production, and we caress every idea so that the result is an efficient, creative and unique piece.

ready? Well... Let's play!

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