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The importance of your company's web positioning

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When your company designs a website to have a presence on the internet, you are just taking the first step. Having visibility on the web requires certain techniques aimed at achieving what has been called web positioning. Why not do it hand in hand with Inbound Marketing?

Nowadays, one of the most sought after professionals for a company are specialists in online positioning or SEO. The strategies that are determined for this type of marketing require not only extensive knowledge, but also dedication, effort and resources.

Web positioning techniques for companies

Importancia del posicionamiento web de tu empresa seoSEO and SEM are the techniques used by search engine marketing to increase and improve the positioning of a website in search engine results such as Google.
SEO is a relevant factor for any website that wants to have a presence on the internet, it is also needed to build brand imageand give visibility to the company, and it aims to get the website to the top of the search results.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is another name for searchengine optimisation, which consists of techniques that are applied to the usability of a website, its content and links in order to improve its ranking in the search results on the internet.

The results are long term and this is the reason why it is necessary to have suitable professionals to develop effective strategies. The objectives developed by SEO to achieve positioning are:

  • Define keywords: All those words that users will use to search for information about the content, products or services you offer.
  • Improve the visibility of your web page: Search engines use algorithms to position web pages. These are in constant evolution, they are constantly changing. However, some aspects that influence them will help to give you visibility. The algorithms used on your page that you can manipulate and those used by other pages through links that allow you to browse the web are just a few examples of aspects that influence the importance of web positioning.
  • Increasing the number of visits: It helps you to increase qualified traffic through search engines, in other words: it helps you to be visited by people who are really interested in what you offer.
  • Achieve a conversion: That they subscribe, that they buy a product or service, that they use an application created, etc. All this can also be enhanced with email marketing, supported by a good web positioning.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a technique that improves positioning through paid methods. After a given search, the result shows a number of sponsored links managed by the advertiser. As already mentioned, achieving a good positioning is a job that takes time. SEM is the fast but expensive way to achieve it. However, it must be taken into account that most visits from a search engine are achieved through SEO.

Search engines like Google are the showcase for your products and services. All the efforts you can put into improving your SEO will be the best allies for your business.

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