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Tools to monitor a hashtag

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All of us who are familiar with social media know what a hashtag is, but we may not all know how important it is to use them and why brands can't miss the opportunity to include them in their strategies. Below, we explain the best tools to monitor hashtags. Don't miss out!

why is the use of hashtags so important?

The hashtag is important to promote products and services. For both business and personal branding, it is essential to make yourself known using hashtags on networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube so that others can find you when they search for what they are interested in through the most used tags or through customised searches.

Hashtags can also be an important tool for web developers interested in search engine optimisation to visualise trends and take advantage of the opportunity to expand on social media. Hashtags can also be used effectively to promote an event for commercial purposes, making them perfect for generating a new customer base around a business. But as with all strategies, it is never advisable to use messages in an unnatural and poorly crafted way. We recommend using hashtags that are short and contain keywords that will help improve search engine visibility.


The 11 best tools for monitoring hashtags

There are plenty of tools to monitor hashtags but there are some that are better than others, or at least for us they are more effective. Here are the best tools to monitor hashtags:

  • Metricool is a perfect tool for analysis, web and social media strategies, allowing you to link Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and know their status with real-time and customised data, plan campaigns and collect statistics in a single platform and, most importantly in terms of hashtags: measure their total impact.

  • Hashtracking is a very powerful tool for analysing hashtags in 24-hour periods. It is very useful for obtaining immediate results, especially if you are looking for results as soon as possible. It works with the Instagram and Twitter social networks and allows you to see the results of hashtags such as the number of tweets, activity graphs, devices used, engagement and participation.

  • Hashtagify: This tool is perfect for finding out which hashtags you should add to your social networks. It is also ideal for comparing with the relevance of other hashtags related to the same topic, which helps to give a broader vision and suggestions on other tags that could be used. It also contains a map that reflects the countries that use them most, very useful for businesses with strategies that go further afield.

  • Tweet Binder: This tool is very useful for searching for tweets that have used a particular hashtag.

Herramientas para monitorizar un hashtag

  • RiteTag. Starting with the advantage that this tool offers an extension for Chrome, it is perfect for giving ideas and suggesting the most appropriate hashtags for publications. In addition, it compares different hashtags and presents detailed information to choose the best one for social media strategies.

  • Tweet-Tag: Very useful for monitoring Twitter hashtags in real time and obtaining free information about users' actions and which ones are the most involved, key tweets, retweets and mentions, hashtag scheduling, hashtag evolution graphs and the most used words. It is very easy to use: you just have to type the hashtag you are interested in and indicate the date.

  • Tagdef: Tagdef will help you identify the most viral hashtags and help you find out what they all mean. Type the words in the search box and all the results for that hashtag will appear.

  • At you will see all kinds of analytics about the most used hashtags in the last 24 hours. In addition to offering you the most popular hashtags, you will also be able to see what kind of users use them and thus be able to refine your campaigns a little more.

  • Brand24 is a tool that allows you to search, follow and monitor hashtags, find new influencers, measure the reach of all your social networks and automatically count the number of posts for a specific hashtag.

  • Tweet Archivist: With Tweet Archivist you can see the reach of a hashtag during a specific period of time, in the form of visual graphs, with the option to download the data for yourself, in .csv or pdf format.

  • TweetReach (Union Metrics): With TweetReach you will get data on the reach of the last 50 tweets where your hashtag has been used in the free version. In the paid version, you will be able to monitor your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts in real time.

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