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Business value: an effective way to deliver it to customers

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do you know who your potential customers are, do you know what value they need, how are you providing it, what techniques are you using, how are your potential customers perceiving the value of your product or service, and how are they perceiving the value of your product or service?

These are some of the questions that run through the minds of some managers in online businesses. Some time ago, I realised that entertaining is not always synonymous with fun, that sometimes, in our attempt to provide users with the value they need, we lose our way in making the relevant interesting and end up doing just the opposite.

Value is the treasure and the merchandise that companies transport through content. Its destination is found in potential customers, in other words, in those who really need you. Talking about value implies setting the bar very high, and this word brings with it a world of decisions and attitudes that, in Inbound Marketing, become proportional to our efforts.

And this is where the story we want to tell you today begins.

Value for online businesses

Value and being valued, two closely related aspects but with a world of distance between them. Providing value has become a fundamental objective for companies, especially considering the amount of information that moves every day through the corners of the Internet. Finding a place that responds perfectly to our problems and needs opens a path of hope.

Precisely for this reason, companies are increasingly using content strategies as the most suitable vehicle to provide this value. To achieve this, it is essential to know the customer, as empathy is a powerful tool for creating relationships and understanding users' experiences with our brand. Therefore, it is important to put yourself in their shoes.

empathy is an added value, and the desire to share and build lasting relationships with potential customers is an essential pillar for the proper functioning of the business.

Putting yourself in their shoes sometimes means changing the perspective of companies.

how can I give my customers the value they need?

do you remember what Inbound Marketing is? It refers to a methodology that combines different non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques in order to contact the user at the beginning of the buying process and accompany them to the end. Among these techniques is content marketing. That is, transmitting information to others, but not just any information, but information capable of influencing. Content that provides specific value to our potential customers. This is the perfect key to attract our audience.

This can lead to a kind of feedback chain that improves SEO, attracts more traffic and increases the chances of users becoming customers of our company. Content strategies have therefore become an effective way to provide customers with the value they are looking for.

To achieve this, it is important for online businesses to establish content organised in three phases: discovery, consideration and decision. In the first phase, the objective will be to educate and make them aware of a need, then they will consider the purchase, decide and value the product or service. Once again, we are back to talking about value.

For any consumer, it is more important to see a company that cares about their problems "than the possibility of closing a deal in the short term". Don't forget that!

In short: business value

Value is an important weapon in business. It is loaded with opportunities and fires the ammunition that potential customers are looking for to solve their problems and needs. Today, we wanted to share with you an effective way to deliver it to customers, so we have based ourselves on Inbound Marketing, in general, and Content Marketing, in particular.

Thousands of companies join the Inbound journey every year, so much so that it has already become the most effective method for doing business online. Companies have witnessed first-hand the increase of visitors to their websites, have generated interest in their products and services, have obtained significant leads that have become customers, and have succeeded in building customer loyalty to influence other potential customers.

More than 75% of companies already use Inbound Marketing.

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