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Tips to improve your videos on Facebook

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Video is one of the most widely used formats and one of the most likely to attract users and potential customers, which is why it has positioned itself as one of the most important elements in a marketing strategy. And if we combine this great audiovisual format with another of the most powerful tools for attracting users, social networks, the possibilities of attracting and nurturing users multiply.

Video consumption is increasing on Facebook

More and more people are consuming audiovisual content. In fact, society spends five times more of its time consuming video content than written content. And this applies to both Facebook and Instagram. Specifically, on Facebook, there are filters that enable your content to appear to a greater number of users. Thus, personalised videos are very useful for us to spread through social networks. Companies are aware of this fact and are increasingly committed to the creation of audiovisual content in their video marketing campaigns.

A personalised video captures the attention of more users

This type of audiovisual content is a sign of the great technological revolution we are witnessing. They are made quickly and easily and have an added value: each customer has their own, which means that no two are alike. Their content shows the level of personalisation with which they have been made because they are composed, among other elements, of specific products or services of the company, as well as personal and confidential data. Some data that demonstrate the success of personalised videos are those mentioned by Vidyard. For example, when emails have personalised videos inserted, the conversion rate increases by around 500%.

5 tips to help you improve the consumption of your videos on Facebook

There are some tips that you should follow if you want your videos on Facebook to be more successful. Surely you don't know them all, so pay attention and, if you follow them, you will notice how your audiovisual content attracts more users who could later become customers.

  1. remember the importance of smart devices

Nowadays we move around and use smartphones and tablets all the time . Keep these devices in mind when creating videos for social networks. For example, Facebook is one of the most consumed on smartphones and, for this reason, you have to create audiovisual content that adapts to these devices. To do this, you can use the recommended format: 1:1 format at 720 pixels, both in height and width, i.e. square.

  1. create videos that don't need sound

why? Because in many cases you cannot activate sound on your mobile device. Include subtitles for silent mode, that way, you will not limit the range of consumption of the video. In addition to subtitles, you can also add illustrative images or graphics, which will serve to better understand what the video shows.

  1. publish them directly on Facebook

Do not use other channels that lead to this social network, it is preferable to upload it from Facebook itself. In this way, the visualisations of the audiovisual content will increase greatly. Do not use a link that redirects to the video that is published on the website. Just as you have published it directly on the web, publish it on your Facebook page.

  1. show quality

Nobody likes to see a poor quality video because, never better said, it gives a bad image to the company. Take care of the quality, it is a factor that also shows what the company is like. Make sure the light and conditions are good. Better not to make a video than to make one with poor quality. What you want is to attract customers, everything has to be well done.

  1. add a short description to introduce the video

Don't publish the video without adding text. Write a description that explains in a few words what it is about or what the audiovisual content shows. Believe it or not, the description plays an essential role in getting the audience to press play, as it is the first thing they see and we need to capture their attention.

have you already incorporated video in your marketing strategy? What role do you give to social networks in its dissemination? If you are a bit lost because you want to improve your videos on Facebook and you are not sure how to do it, these tips will surely make it easier for you. If you still have any doubts, don't hesitate to count on Occam to help you along the way.

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