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Tips on how to make a video marketing viral

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would you like to learn how to make your customers fall in love with video marketing? It's great to attract potential customers. It's the most complicated thing, even more complicated than keeping them, but if you do it well, you'll have won a good part of the way. What's really complicated is reaching their hearts, touching their hearts and making them loyal to your brand. The kind that chooses you over any other competitor, until death do you part.

So, why is so little work done on building customer loyalty? Perhaps brands are still not sufficiently aware that there are many ways to achieve this. And video marketing is one of them. It is attractive, it is visual, it retains more information in the memory and it can be viral. The emergence of new technologies has changed the way in which users receive and understand information, and it is increasingly necessary to create visually interactive and attractive content to capture their attention.

do you want to start creating a video but don't know where to start? Do you already have your own video but don't know how to make it viral?

read on and clear your doubts!

First of all, what is video marketing?

At Occam Digital Agency, we are convinced that you have heard of it on numerous occasions, but it never hurts to remember it. It is a technique increasingly used by brands to promote their products or services using the audiovisual format. The key to this content is the Internet, the place where you can viralise it and make thousands of users see it.

Among its main features, interactivity stands out, users react to a video before they react to a text, they like it, share it and leave their comments. It is measurable, its impact is easily calculated with reports. And it is viral! You can share it on social networks, email marketing and much more. And as a result, you will quickly boost it, obtaining millions of visits. But, as the saying goes, "not everything that glitters is gold". There are many advantages of video marketing, but it requires a lot of work to achieve them, from the idea and planning, to audiovisual production, video distribution and its viralisation on different platforms.

Find out the 6 essential tips to make your video marketing viral

Viral marketing are all those techniques that make a video, text, email or other element spread at the speed of light in a short time, something like a virus, hence its name.

do you want to attract and attract your customers? Of course you do, just like everyone else. And what do you do to achieve it? Making your videos viral is a great option. You can achieve the perfect campaign, so take note of these tips:

  1. The idea: You don't need to start with a big advertising investment, what's really important is to have an idea from the start and that, along with good execution, explodes with creativity.
  2. Include words that will grab the audience's attention- you don't have to pull out the crystal ball to guess it. Words like originality and novelty will increase the chances of attracting audiences to your video and pushing the boundaries.
  3. Length: Create short, high quality videos. You don't need to go on for more than 3 minutes to achieve an impactful result.
  4. Keywords: Use keywords in the title and description to help you position your video and increase its visibility in search engines.
  5. Distribution and promotion. Share your audiovisual piece on social networks, it will boost its views.
  6. Differentiate yourself from the competition. Don't make just any video. It must be unique, different and tell something that hasn't been published before. It's difficult, but it can be done. It must arouse emotions in the audience, so you'll make sure they won't forget you.

If you want to reach more users without taking these tips into account, you won't be able to reach them. And the same will be true if you want to achieve good results in a short time. Haste is a bad advisor.

Before you jump to the next section, we invite you to click on this link to see an example of a viral video. It's from Dollar Shave Club. 8 years ago it was published on YouTube and it's one of the most popular videos. It went viral, above all, because of the opportunity it gives us to associate a face with a brand. In this case, Michael Dubin with Dollar Shave Club.

Or this one, from Pepsi MAX in a campaign that reached almost 50 million views, in which a basketball player's documentary was faked.

what do the most viral videos on the internet have in common?

This is the big question that we should all ask ourselves and with which we are going to end this post. What the most viral videos have in common is: originality in their campaigns, long-term duration, call to action (CTA) and interactivity.

"The best way to sell something is not to sell anything at all. Gain the trust and respect of those who might buy" - Rand Fishkin

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