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How to use video in a marketing strategy for businesses

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did you know that videos are shared by 92% of users who use mobile devices? Video marketing is in fashion. It has landed to put in images what is explained with words. To make the complex easy. To give wings to the value of the content. And what are you doing? Do you use video in your marketing strategy?

In this post we want to tell you what video does in a place like this and how it can help your brand. Ready? GO!

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Video in marketing Video-Marketing!

It is a marketing tool in which audiovisual material is used to promote a product, explain how a service works, etc. Its possibilities are endless and it has become an important part of brand strategies. Its value and originality make it a key part of the content generated to provide unique value to the user.

how to use video in your marketing strategy?

You're probably wondering how you can use video in your marketing strategy, what it brings and how it can be adapted to each of the stages of the buyer's journey, right? Don't worry, today we're here to tell you.

With the advent of the internet, things have changed. Nobody can be in any doubt about that, not even video, which has become the ideal tool to support the user depending on the stage they are at in the funnel or conversion funnel. This graphic representation is ideal for understanding the process that your customers follow until they make a purchase. But what does video marketing have to do with all this?

Video, as a tool, can be used to help the user move through the different stages of the buyer's journey. HOW?

    • Tutorials to solve any doubts about a product or service.
    • Audiovisual pills with infographics on data of interest to your audience.
    • Or even to summarise and highlight the most relevant information in the posts you publish on your website.
    • You can take advantage of the interest shown by some users to show them trends, data, etc. and guide them so that they can move forward. Show them the latest news in your sector.
    • what distinguishes you from the competition? Why can you solve the problems that your audience has? Tell them. They have the floor, so give them proof with testimonials, webinars... Show them whatever you feel like, but go straight to the heart. Your user already knows what their need or problem is.
    • You know that we always leave the best for last. That's why we have landed on loyalty as the last phase that your customers reach. You have to see how much time you have invested in converting strange visitors into customers of your company. Now, you only have the final push left: make them loyal to it. Make them repeat their experience with you again and again.

And speaking of repeat business, the conversion funnel has evolved in recent years into the flywheel. For HubSpot, this is the transformation of the funnel itself. Its evolution. And it takes into account that the buying cycle is a continuous cycle and not a journey with an end.

how many customers have repeated their experience with your brand? Are you ready to attract-engage-delete?

At Occam we are increasingly aware of the positive effects of video.

Some facts about video marketing today

The world is changing as fast as the blink of an eye. A couple of years ago, no one thought video was as important as it is today. We couldn't even imagine how many advantages it could bring us, but something has changed. And we're going to show it to you with facts:

  1. Product videos are of great help during the purchase decision process for 70% of users.
  2. 55% of people watch videos online every day.
  3. Nearly 100% of B2B companies use video in some of their marketing campaigns and 73% of them report positive ROI results.
  4. Videos are shared by 92% of users using mobile devices.
  5. Including video on a landing page can generate a conversion rate of up to 80%.
  6. Users spend 88% more time on pages that contain videos and find them much more enjoyable.

To conclude... Video marketing is star content. Attract-Inform-Engage-Enjoy-Enjoy-Communicate-Excite-Excite-Surprise.

what are you waiting for?

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