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Tips for creating an attention-grabbing advertising slogan

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An advertising slogan is a short phrase that captures the essence of a brand, its personality and its positioning. Nowadays, slogans are still very important as they also serve to differentiate you from the competition. Here are some tips on how to create an eye-catching advertising slogan that will get your company noticed. Pay attention!

what is the difference between a slogan and a tagline?

Slogans, as we have already mentioned, are short phrases used in advertising campaigns that capture the attention of a target audience through clever wordplay. Slogans, on the other hand, are more permanent marketing phrases that are incorporated into a company's brand.

For slogans and taglines to be successful, they must convey a clear message about what you do while creatively capturing people's attention.

how can slogans help your brand?

Good slogans are essential for brand recognition. When executed well, whenever people hear or read them, they will instantly identify with your company or your specific products.

A quality slogan will quickly convey the message of your brand or company. Whenever you want to convey a message, using a slogan can make your job much easier. In addition, slogans can make your message more memorable and clearer to potential customers, which increases the chances that they will connect with what you are selling.

Consejos para crear un eslogan publicitario que capte la atención

how to make a slogan?

  1. review the brand elements, for example, reviewyour buyer persona so that you know the profile to whom your tagline should make the most sense .
  2. think about what you want to promote. You need to convey quite clearly and directly what your brand does; therefore, think about what you want to promote through your slogan.
  3. identify your essence. Remember that you are not selling a product or service per se, but an idea; for example, a shoe store does not sell shoes, it sells comfort, style or durability .
  4. build your phrase. You can brainstorm alone or with a team of collaborators. Then, make several lists of words that you can use: one in which the proposals have to do directly with the name of your brand, a second with words that imply action or connection and a third with proposals that apparently have nothing to do with your brand. Do not limit yourself in the number of lists or words, at this stage you are not yet looking for a meaning or logic. Then, start linking words together and give them a meaning. Finally, choose and leave the best phrases and write them in several ways: change the order of the words and use synonyms or similar words until you are left with 3 or 5 phrases that excite you and that you consider that they do go with your brand .
  5. test your final slogans: read them out loud, feel their rhythm, have someone else listen to them and read them. You can create groups to poll them and get feedback. A very useful tip for this step is to add your slogan to a piece of communication to see how it looks, be it an advertisement, a publication or a radio spot , so you can see how it moves and inspires .
  6. communicate your slogan. When you finally have your slogan, implement it in your communication; spread it, show it off, use it. Many brands have had good slogans that passed without impact because they were not spread.

Consejos para crear un eslogan publicitario que capte la atención

The best tips for a good advertising slogan

Now it's time for the tips: follow these tips to create the best slogan.

  1. keep it short: Itshould be short, direct and simple. 2 to 5 words will be enough to make a very good text .
  2. be striking: Remember that you want to attract the audience's attention, so make sure your phrase is striking, funny and witty .
  3. it must be clear, very understandable and easy to remember, and your slogan must be coherent grammatically and also in its rhythm and aesthetics.
  4. positive: Your tagline should be affirming, proactive and driving, and it should be persuasive.
  5. it must be persuasive: youradvertising slogan must be able to persuade, convince and give confidence .
  6. it should be contextual - your slogan should try to be both universal and local .
  7. it must be emotional: create a phrase that arouses emotions and provokes a sensation in the person who reads or hears it, i.e. a phrase that connects with your brand .
  8. be original: You should spend a lot of time when writing your phrase, look for references so as not to repeat or copy and be innovative.
  9. be creative- have fun while constructing your tagline to convey that creativity to the viewer.

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