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The role of Instagram in digital marketing

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Life flies. The evolution of marketing, social media and technology is leading to a real process of transformation and adaptation for companies. To take advantage of the new opportunities they bring is to join the path of change. Today, we want to talk to you about Instagram not only as part of this process, but also as a tool in digital marketing.

have you ever wondered where Instagram was born?

As most of you know, it is a social network that allows users to upload images and videos with different effects, filters, colours, etc., in order to share them on their profiles or on other social networks. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has witnessed millions of moments shared by people and companies around the world. Over the last year, this application has positioned itself as the third most used social network in the world, below Facebook and YouTube.

Sometimes, the best answers to our questions can be found in the origins. That's why today we want to take a journey through the beginning of Instagram. Its development started in San Francisco, by the hand of its founder Kevin Systrom. The first picture uploaded to Instagram marked a moment in history. It was the first test with the App, but nobody could have imagined the universe that would follow.

Its growth has been revolutionary, so much so that in 2015 it was number one in the ranking of 'The 100 best iPhone apps'.

what uses can we give Instagram in a digital strategy?

For starters, many companies already have an Instagram Business profile, which gives them some special advantages to make themselves known and advertise. If you want to know how Instagram Business works, we tell you about it in this link. Our aim today is not to talk about this version, but to tell you what companies, regardless of their size, can use the Instagram application for.

  1. Increase traffic to your blog or website. To get users to visit your profile and reach your website, it is essential to add the URL of the site in the biography of the Instagram profile and include images of your articles or services.
  2. Increasing engagement, that is, creating solid and lasting relationships with the people who follow us on Instagram, a point that, at first glance, may seem complicated.
  3. Humanise the company's brand: to achieve this, it is important to show some images of the team, as well as having a story to tell. Showing personal and professional actions increases trust in your brand.
  4. Promote your products in a visual way beyond your website. Social networks offer the possibility to promote your brand beyond your own blog.

The advantages of this social network for companies can be an effective change in their digital strategy, which is why more and more companies are making use of this service, even within their own Inbound Marketing strategy.

why should companies optimise their Instagram profile?

The first reason we want to tell you is born from the objectives of the companies. First of all, the optimisation of the profile on social networks allows organisations to reach an optimal situation in which the best possible results are achieved. For this reason, optimising the Instagram profile helps your users to find you more easily. To achieve this, it is essential to add a link to your website, as well as adding a phone number or geolocating the business.

Based on what we have been telling you, I would like to talk about storytelling. Many thinkers and communicologists have long placed it among the first communication strategies. For example, Obama's Yes We Can, or any Coca Cola ad. Are you aware of how many people use it, have you detected its use in any brand? We are talking about the art of telling a story, and the creation and use of the story to achieve our objectives.

I tell you this because, telling the story of the company in a clear and concise explanation of what it does and offers, is a plus point in the optimisation of your Instagram profile. Storytelling can help you to be creative.

do you already know how to do it?

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