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how are you attracting customers to your online business?

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We have no doubt that customers are the basis of any business. And what do you think? It is clear that all companies in the world want to have ideal customers in their businesses, whether online or offline. However, what have they done to achieve this? Traditionally, the steps they have followed were based on the pursuit. Over the years, the arrival of the Internet and new technologies have changed this aspect, and it is no longer about pursuing but about attracting.

We want to tell you how companies live their way of attracting customers nowadays, what are the best techniques they use and what you can do to achieve it. Likewise, remember that you can tell us what you are doing to attract your potential customers, because we will be happy to listen to you.


The marketing revolution: from chasing to engaging

We have already been telling you about it. A few years ago, companies based their marketing strategies on chasing customers. They focused on sales, so their main mechanisms of action were the product or service. The communication channels they used were the media itself, such as the press, radio and television, as well as events, advertisements, sponsorships, direct selling, etc.

Nowadays, it is less and less common to come across these actions, although it is true that there are still companies that continue to use them. Nowadays, it is the Inbound methodology that has become the queen of attracting potential customers, and it is no wonder, especially since it is the most effective way of creating value in the consumer's mind.

The world is changing, and so are consumers. Traditional marketing techniques were not for ever, and we don't even know if the Inbound methodology will ever be. Far from being a matter of course, Inbound Marketing is currently the most widely used technique to achieve success in companies.

It takes time, it takes effort and it takes commitment. After all, all good things come to those who wait. It is increasingly common to hear about digital marketing. Attracting has become a way of giving the customer what they need. So much so that the new techniques are based on developing direct and personal communication with users. The channels of action are no longer what they used to be. Now, companies are using social networks, blogs, email marketing, search engines, etc.

Reinventing is constantly improving

Change may make us feel uncertain and fearful, but it is the most direct path to growth. Transformation leads us to innovation in general and out of our comfort zone in particular. And there is no better thing for businesses to do than to constantly reinvent and improve themselves. Nobody is going to sit around waiting for you to become aware of it, because while some businesses are considering whether to change, others have already overcome the barriers to transformation.

Some professionals are clear that, although it is not an easy process, standing still can sometimes mean disappearing. Marketing has evolved and, as a consequence, so has communication. Companies have moved from linear and unidirectional communication to bidirectional and interactive communication. The user is no longer a passive target, but quite the opposite.

to reinvent oneself is to invest in oneself!

A place for segmentation

Inbound Marketing has brought with it aspects that are as new as they were unimaginable. Just ten years ago, few, if anyone, could imagine what it would be like to segment the audience beyond age, geographic location or salary. Today, thanks to new forms of marketing, it is possible to take into account much more personal and specific aspects such as interests, behaviour and demographic characteristics.

how far are you willing to go?

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