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how has the use of video changed in Spanish companies?

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Whether you know it or not, you too have something to say to the world. It is something unique, unparalleled, something that only you can say and offer. Just like that. You and no one else.

Your business is part of a world of risk, competition, excitement, enthusiasm, growth, interaction and constant innovation. So, whether you know it or not, you have something important to say to your audience. However, it's not your message that we want to focus on today, but the way you convey it.

With so much change, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the pace of change that the world brings us, and even to transform and stand out from your main competitors. But this is not a problem, it is an opportunity to keep innovating yourself.

how are you communicating with your potential customers, what techniques do you use to present your information to them, how have you explained who you are and what you do?

Although these may seem like very logical questions, on this occasion they are the basis of a change that has been reflected in the behaviour of Spanish companies. We'll tell you why.

here we go!

The uses of video in companies

We would not be far from the real world if we were to say that the first contacts of video with most companies, even with you and us, started from the viewer's side. We are consumer users, either by watching a video clip uploaded to YouTube, or by watching a video on television, or by watching it anywhere else. We are talking about a trend that grew even more since February 2005 with the birth, precisely, of YouTube.

They say that the world is constantly changing and growing, and that we, the people, are here to witness it. We have seen how companies have gone from being simple consumers of video to creating them themselves. It is a kind of feedback chain in which audiovisual information reaches the top.

This is where video marketing comes into play, a tool that has become a trend and is based on using audiovisual images to achieve different objectives in the marketing strategy. In other words, it is about adding videos to the creation of your content. Moreover, it seems that this phenomenon is going to continue to grow.

wait for it!

do you think companies only use video to tell you what they do? It's much more than that. In fact, anything new can be a good excuse to use the video format as a way to reach their consumers. Whether it's to tell you who they are andwhat they do, or to showcase their products and services, what is clear is that their presence is increasingly spread across the world. On websites, in the posts you publish, in tweets..

haven't you felt the impact of video on your company's sales and ROI yet?

Video doesn't only understand networks

Yes, we are probably thinking the same thing. Video has had a strong presence on social networks, so much so that some experts agree that "tweets with video get 3 times more replies and retweets than those that don't include it".

Despite its great relevance in these channels, video has now gained crucial power on other platforms. It no longer understands only networks, but has expanded and diversified through very different channels. To this phenomenon we must add the emergence and growth of Snapchat, with more than 255 million users. Or the strength with which IGTV, Instagram's video platform, has imposed itself among the youngest.

Business websites are an ideal scenario for presenting this audiovisual material. How about explaining to your audience who you are and what you do? But do it in a different way, using creativity and originality and making a difference, that which makes you unique, because, remember: you also have something to say.

The uses of video have changed. You can do it too.

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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