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The real role of blogging in business success

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Perhaps it would be appropriate to start by saying that the success of blogs depends, to a large extent, on the type of strategy followed. This is where Inbound Marketing makes sense, as we are not talking about just anything, but about one of the fundamental pillars of this methodology.

In other words, blogs are the place where we can show the value we can bring to our potential customers, the showcase from which to display our products and services, and the place from which to attract those who, consciously or unconsciously, need us.

are you using a blog, do you know what the best practices are, how can you get the most out of it, how can Inbound marketing help you achieve this?

what is not shown does not exist!

The inbound methodology: the differentiating spirit of blogging

A few months ago, we decided to tell you about the role of Inbound Marketing in blogs, how blogging worked in IT companies and what its advantages were. Without a doubt, being a place that is exclusively yours brings the element of individuality and power, but there are other characteristics that make it the key to Inbound Marketing. For example:

  • The ease of sharing your content.
  • Its role in boosting SEO.
  • Demonstrating through your content that you are a specialist in your field.
  • Attract and build loyalty
  • Create your own image.
  • Show yourself close to the user and, as a consequence, generate trust.

For these and other reasons, the Inbound methodology has become a differentiating spirit for blogs. If you think you can bring us new advantages, don't hesitate to tell us about it, as we are aware that listening can be the best way to keep learning.

don't you have a blog yet?

how many times have you been asked this question? Considering the digital nature that is transforming the business world, probably many. Things have changed, few of us are in any doubt. We would all be able to recognise a blog at first glance, but very few of us would know how to define it so precisely that we would hardly miss any details. Let's suppose that this could be the most accurate explanation: "A blog is a personal or corporate website where you publish chronologically updated content on a specific topic or issue". Are you still wondering whether to have one?

calendario de contenido - Envisage and GrowWhatever your answer is, the important thing to understand is that it is not just about publishing content, but that you need a series of techniques capable of attracting clients, creating your own personal brand and increasing your visibility. The Inbound methodology can achieve this.

To innovate is a value, to innovate is to grow.

Qualified traffic to my blog

how can I generate or attract qualified traffic, how do I differentiate it from the rest? In fact, to attract qualified traffic it is necessary to focus on the characteristics of the content we publish. If this is not of quality, it will not be possible to achieve our objectives. Clarity must be manifested throughout the article, especially in the title and in the first paragraph, because remember that these are the lines with which our users are going to have their first contact.

The novelty does not lie precisely in using a blog, but in making your ideas visible through it, in the way you take advantage of content and new forms of marketing to overcome challenges and obtain good results. Your users are waiting for you to offer them new things, to show them the differentiating element of your services, but you must do so based on self-confidence.

Your products and services are unique, no doubt about it. What's more, they have already been validated as another way to contribute to the development of society. You have something to offer and a value to contribute. You have worked hard on the process, and now it's time to show it to the world. Your potential customers need you, and the blog can be the perfect place to show them your help.

It may sound a bit too alarmist, but the reality is that, according to studies by Brandwatch, "blogs are becoming increasingly relevant, with an estimated 409 million people reading the 23.6 million pages on WordPress". We're not saying it, the data is saying it, so we believe that using a blog in your Inbound strategy can open the path to the opportunities you need.

Sharing your knowledge means increasing the number of visitors, as well as contributing to new business opportunities. Your sales opportunities are waiting for you.

Success is born from brilliant minds. You can be one.

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