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The role of JavaScript in mobile app development

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It is part of the world of mobile apps and websites. Full stack and front-end developers, in charge of the web browser ecosystem, are directly related to it. It has woven the web between iOS and Android apps in a single programming language.

what is JavaScript?

Straight from MDN, "JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to perform complex activities on a web page - increasingly a web page does more than just display static information, such as displaying content updates on the fly, interacting with maps, 2D/3D graphical animations, etc.".

In short, JavaScript gives us the ability to do many different things, from creating new and dynamic content, to controlling media files, to creating animated images and much more. A few lines of JavaScript code can do wonders. Ultimately, what it provides is dynamic behaviour and the ability to store useful values inside some variables, among other things.

Scroll down and keep learning new things about this language. Are you up for it?

Complementary layers with JavaScript in App and web development

Let's talk about HTML and CSS, for example. Two languages that complement each other and that add fundamental aspects for the proper functioning of the page or application under development. When talking about HTML, we cannot forget that this is a language that uses structure in order to give meaning to the content of the website, such as tables, videos, paragraphs or headers. CSS, on the other hand, is "a language of cascading rules that we use to apply a style to our HTML content (fonts, background colours, etc.)".

El papel de JavaScript en el desarrollo de Apps móviles

In short, what does JavaScript do on your website?

Advanced functionality. We want the skeleton to move, have life and interact. A mannequin may be like a person, but it is inanimate. We want our code to come alive, and to do that we need JavaScript to enter the equation and enhance the user experience.

Imagine for a moment that you enter your website. You are waiting for it to load in your browser. And, in the meantime, your code -HTML, CSS and JavaScript-is being downloaded and processed. The lines of code will achieve the desired product, in this case, my website. Thanks to the intervention of JavaScript, the programmer guarantees a unique user experience. Animated galleries, modal windows (or popups), forms that take data with a quality standard..

And now, without overloading our application with code. We want it to be fast, which means we have to be very careful when placing the code. In general terms, we are telling you all this because nowadays developers of mobile applications, software and websites have become true experts and some of the most sought-after professionals of the moment.

Here are some of the main advantages of this language:

  1. It is simple.
  2. It is fast.
  3. It's even multiplatform.
  4. And it is the only one that allows you to work in full stack mode in any programming.
  5. Maximum versatility.

Surely, you have also heard of hybrid and native applications, but do you know what they mean? The former are those that run with the browser integrated in the App, known as webview, while the latter compile the native code, in addition to being able to run an App development through a webview as well.

Well, do you want to know more about the technological world? Do you have any doubts? Tell us.

Proceso de desarrollo de una aplicación

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