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The Inbound Marketing philosophy at Occam Digital Agency

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Dear readers, today I wanted to take a break with this post, a brief stop before continuing to tell you new things about Inbound Marketing, to explain how we work at Occam Digital Agency and what is the soul that keeps us united to put attraction into practice.

The Inbound Marketing methodology already has a philosophy of its own, that of attracting potential clients. In our team, we have integrated this reflection as part of our business culture, as we act, think and feel the same way, because our culture is our driving force. And, you know what? Without our philosophy, it would be practically impossible to implement this methodology.

if you want to know more about us, what would you like to know, remember that you can tell us about it.

An established company culture

A few lines above, we talked about three verbs: act, feel and think. Three actions that have become the fundamental pillar that sustains our company culture. Sometimes, it is difficult to find people who share the same feelings, the same sensations and the same values.

When we talk about companies, this culture is created among the members of the organisation, as it is the best way to unify and merge the different points into a single recognisable, defined and organised spirit, a spirit that can be immediately identified by customers, suppliers and anyone who is aware of our existence.

We believe that having a perfectly integrated company culture is the first step in carrying out our activity. Without it, it would not have been possible to transform ideas into reality, nor to take companies to the next level, nor would we have been able to integrate the Inbound methodology as a spirit of our own.

Today, we are a team of specialists proud of the work we do and, speaking of feelings, if we had to fall in love with something, it would be Inbound Marketing, because it is capable of winning over potential customers through attraction.

how do we treat our clients?

We firmly believe that the key is to treat each person individually, because, deep down, we are all different and that makes us equal. We take into account the individual characteristics of each company to adapt our services to the characteristics of each client.

The question is: where does our treatment come from? In general, from the rules, values and habits we have in place. From those concepts that make up our company. These are the three elements that make us stand out from the competition and three characteristics that allow us to keep moving forward.

  • Values: Commitment, respect, honesty, trust and integrity. As the American thinker Shearson Lehman said: "Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality, it is the word that speaks boldly of our intentions, it is the action that speaks louder than words, it is the doing in time when there is none, it is the keeping of promises when circumstances become adverse, it is the material with which character is forged in order to change things, it is the daily triumph of integrity over scepticism. Commitment and keeping commitments are the essence of proactivity".
  • Philosophy: It is characterised by the simplicity of our structures, teamwork, human development, etc. Austerity is the force that keeps us united in difficult times, we are active in modernisation and growth, we are supportive by nature, we are committed to new forms of marketing adapted to consumer behaviour and our mission is always to help companies.

This is our corporate culture, one that is formed by a solid foundation of values and principles that give life to our organisation. We have long integrated the Inbound methodology as a driving spirit, and our code of ethics has played a major role in achieving our goals.

Life is too short not to love what we do

We think, meditate and reflect on our Inbound Marketing actions in order to direct them towards a specific goal. We take into account the buyer persona, the buyer's journey and everything that can give us clues about their activity. What happens next? Based on this, we produce content capable of attracting potential customers in the sector we are targeting. We are the point of union between two parties destined to meet. You are one of them. Do you want to know how to find your other half? With Inbound Marketing it is possible .

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