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how do I know if the customer I am targeting is the right one?

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This question is more common than it should be. Many companies have doubts about the type of customer they are interacting with. They are not quite convinced if this is really the customer they want to target with their products and services.

For this reason, it has become crucial for companies to define the profile of the potential customer or buyer persona and how to connect with them. Thanks to this, it is possible to reach and/or attract them.

The question we ask you today is the following: do you know if you are addressing your potential customer? How can you guarantee it? What are you doing to reach them? Did you know that defining them is the first step in any Inbound Marketing strategy?

Create your buyer persona and find out who your potential customer is.

A call to memory

We are sure you remember what the creation of your company's buyer persona consists of, but we don't want to leave you with any doubts, so we are going to remind you what it is all about. Regardless of the type of business, your company needs to interact with its customers, with those who need your products or services. We call them potential customers and they are the type of profile that needs to acquire what only you are offering them.

Buyer personas are the star element of any content marketing strategy, and it is necessary to stop for a moment to think and work on their creation step by step. We tell you how to do it in this link.

The best way to know if you are addressing your potential customer is to create a buyer persona

Create the buyer persona, and check if your current customers fit the definition. To do this, it is essential to create their story based on their profession, age, salary, responsibilities, goals, objectives, challenges, challenges, behaviours, ways of searching for information, the social media they use, the questions they usually ask companies or professionals in whom they place their trust, etc.

The aim is to create a profile as adapted as possible to reality. To achieve this, we must put ourselves in our customers' shoes, think like them and ask ourselves questions such as these:

  • what would they use my product or service for?
  • what can I offer them?
  • what differentiates me from the competition?
  • why would they choose my brand and not another?
  • what are the needs or problems I can cover or solve?
  • how does my potential customer look for information?
  • what do they like and dislike about my range of products and services?
  • what are they most interested in?
  • what aspects can influence their purchasing decision?
  • what other alternatives do they have to what they are looking for?
  • what are their concerns?

Now you can start building the profile of your ideal buyer.

conclusion about Inbound Marketing?

The answers to these questions are the driving force behind your Inbound Marketing strategy. If we were to apply the saying 'you start somewhere', the buyer persona would undoubtedly be the element that gives meaning to this phrase.

in the Inbound universe, the potential customer is at the centre of the whole strategy. Everything starts and ends with their persona. Think about what would happen if you only had a superficial image of them, if you didn't know the reasons why you can help them. Digging deep is fundamental to understand, first, and then offer them what they are looking for.

the result?

The meeting of two parties destined to meet, of customers and brands, two different realities with the same backdrop: attraction.

We have come to the end of this post. We have asked you the questions that can't be missing in the creation of your buyer persona, we have told you how to know if you are addressing the potential customer, and we are ready to be witnesses of its creation. So, if you have any doubts, this is the perfect time to share them with us and start getting results.

who said growth couldn't be a two-way street?

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