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The magic of copywriting: 15 phrases to attract customers

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Copywriting is the art of seducing and convincing a person with simple words to act in the desired way. Therefore, it is important to know how to sell your brand through words with this technique. Copywriting also uses CTAs or calls to action as visual or textual calls that lead the reader or visitor of a website to perform an action, for example, click on a banner, buy a product, fill out a form, click a button, call a phone number or request information.

The three main characteristics of copywriting

  • The content must be appropriate to the target audience to which it is addressed, i.e. the messages must emphasise what is most important and leave aside all aspects that do not encourage interest or the purchase action.
  • The messages must be close and very understandable for the audience, thus generating greater attention by receiving more information.
  • The tone of the message must be persuasive and must provide something positive. The messages must match the SEO positioning of the company, i.e. the use of keywords must correspond to the content written.

La magia del copywriting: 15 frases para atraer clientes

what is the difference between SEO and copywriting?

In SEO positioning, techniques and resources are put into practice so that a company's website or blog appears at the top of Google. In the same way, it seeks to generate traffic to your website, that is, that many people visit your site. To appear on the first page of Google, SEO professionals write content with the most searched words in relation to the service or product you want to sell. Using digital marketing tools, they study the articles of other blogs well positioned in Google in order to beat them by writing better content with the keywords of your company or brand.

Once you have achieved the desired positioning and you have seen that the number of visits to your website is increasing, it is time to sell. This is where the copywriter comes into action, after researching your product or service, knowing the context and your customer, creating texts that persuade and encourage the purchase.

Nowadays, most copywriters apply SEO techniques to their texts, since a copywriter helps to get more sales, while SEO helps to get more visits or generate more traffic.

apocalypse-2660927_640La magia del copywriting: 15 frases para atraer clientes

15 phrases or words to attract customers with copywriting techniques

  1. Free: This magic word attracts everyone, use it in phrases such as: "Download our ebook for free".
  2. New: Another word that fascinates audiences of all ages, for example: "The new guide that will change your life".
  3. Finally. This expression generates novelty and the denouement to a moment everyone has been waiting for (even if it is not). This is what your prospect perceives: "At last we have our star product available".
  4. The demonstrative "this" generates curiosity, for example: "This is what quality professionals need to know to pass the next audit with flying colours".
  5. The word "announcing". Again this word generates novelty and something that is coming into our lives. Who would want to miss it? "Announcing a new training to invest in the New York Stock Exchange at zero risk".
  6. beware, this word is one of the most attention-grabbing words as it is associated in our brains with danger, and therefore triggers an alert. Beware! 1 in 3 companies are exposed to the theft of customer data"
  7. The word "launch": This word appeals to novelty and novelty, something we love: "Launch! Discover how to control WordPress in just two weeks without having any idea of web design. New online training".
  8. Now is another word that captures the most attention as it appeals to the human desire for immediacy. Anything that has to do with this precise moment is very powerful. Solving a desire or problem now is irresistible, hence the sale of online courses where you get the immediate download has so much effect. Now you can forget your doubts forever by following our system".
  9. which of these words are used as a direct question to the reader and where they are asked to take action and make a decision: "Which of these problems is happening in your business that you have to consider closing down?
  10. finally, again we are back to novelty, something that everyone was expecting even if they weren't: "Finally, we have now opened the registration period for the online course".
  11. use words of amazement in your sentences. Words that express surprise or amazement are excellent for capturing the attention of your potential customers: "It's amazing or incredible to see how this self-developed system allows you to run your online academy in just two days".
  12. Use of the conditional: The use of the conditional tense works spectacularly well to capture attention. It stimulates you to imagine yourself in a hypothetical situation: "Would you pay just 12 euros to learn how to steal customers from your competition?
  13. use of the conditional yes. The word "if" as a conditional invites you to stop and see if you meet that condition. If you don't, you will be left in doubt and human beings are not programmed to be left in doubt. "If you hate to see your competition take your customers then you shouldn't miss this free training on how to position your brand on the Internet".
  14. starting today: In this short sentence we appeal to urgency to capture attention. Remember that urgency and scarcity are 2 fundamental elements to make your potential customers take the action you have proposed. Starting today with our software you can save 1,500 euros in the management of your invoices".
  15. do you know .. . Finally, this question captures the attention of your prospect 100%: "Do you know where your company is losing money?

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