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Key points of corporate image and identity

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why do you quickly identify your favourite brands? That I-don't-know-what-that-what-I-do makes you vibrate and connect quickly, and you know it.

It's not magic, it's image and well-built corporate identity, which is synonymous with strength, personality and success. Now that, like everything else, can be done well or it can be done badly.

what is corporate identity,how is it constructed and what are its key points?

Image and corporate identity to make them love your brand

A brand cannot be seen, touched or tasted. It is something abstract that exists in the mind, but it is a very valuable asset, almost the most valuable. And in a changing, competent world, where products and services are the protagonist of purchases, and users are more and more demanding, nothing carries more weight.

Image and identity are similar, but not the same. Corporate identity is what the company conveys about itself, from its visual essence to its personal character. Corporate image, however, is the way the public perceives the brand.

Knowing the differences between them will help you to solve your doubts. Here they are:

  • Identity is the visual elements and graphic resources that help define the brand, as well as its culture and values, for example: logo, typographies, colours, photographs, textures, patterns, etc. Corporate image is the perception that the public has of the brand, what they think of you.

  • Both are perceptions, but the identity is the company's own perception of itself, and the image is the public's perception of the organisation.

  • Image should not be confused with visual identity, as the latter refers to the tangible part and the design. It is essential to give coherence to the corporate identity itself: the logo, the website, the brochures and everything that helps to recognise and differentiate one brand from another.

For this to make sense, companies need to have a corporate visual identity manual(brand book). It contains the brand's commandments in terms of the use of graphic resources in the supports where it can appear. Needless to say, the importance of this document goes without saying. Without it, the Burger King logo could appear in any colour. Can you imagine?

Get to know the key characteristics of the corporate identity

"I want to build my brand's corporate identity". OK, and what are you doing to achieve it? I have a logo".

This is like saying that I can fly because I drink energy drinks. Yes, having a logo is basic for any organisation, but it's a bit like putting all the weight of the corporate identity on it, don't you think?

and what if we told you that the image and identity of your brand is much more than that? It allows you to increase the recognition of the company, achieve homogeneity of criteria, save costs, develop trust and increase visibility. What do you think?

These are the key points of any corporate image and identity:

  • Logo: It is the heart of your brand, it reflects your essence in a unique way and enhances the corporate image.
  • Slogan: "Think green", "When you pop, there's no stopping", "Impossible is nothing". What do they have in common? The essence of three brands that are remembered by the customer.
  • Name: the first thing, easy to remember but difficult to decide, in any case, original, direct and sonorous as it is.
  • Typography: You will choose one or another depending on what you want to transmit as a brand.

As you can see, in matters of corporate identity, everything is in tune. Thanks to it, your audience instantly recognises your company. It is very useful for both internal and external communication of the company.

you too can clearly differentiate yourself through your visual identity!

what is a corporate image for?

With all that we have already told you, you can probably already get an idea of the advantages of corporate identity. It serves for much more than you imagine:

  • Itimproves cohesion, ensuring that all company personnel represent the company identically in every interaction with customers.
  • It helps youstand out from the competition, be remembered and stand out.
  • Ittriggers authority, making you easily recognisable through design and communication.

A strong corporate image and identity will help shape opinions about the company, its products and services. And no matter what your size or sector, it is vital for all businesses.

Corporate video to enhance a company's image

what are you doing to differentiate yourself? A corporate video is an original way of presenting a business, highlighting its values, its culture, its philosophy and what differentiates it from its competitors.

It creates an attractive letter of introduction aimed at a specific target in order to optimise a video marketing campaign. It tells a story that generates emotions, because a video is worth a thousand words, makes the best impression on users, enhances the brand's image and conveys its strengths and differentiating points.

did you know that there is no better impact than showing what you offer through an audiovisual piece to someone who is looking for your product at that very moment?

Now you do.

A couple of things about corporate identity to finish

After having read this post, think again about this question: how can you explain that brands created decades ago remain positioned in the consumer's mind? The key lies in the coherent construction of their corporate identity.

Getting your identity well designed and executed makes your potential audience remember you instantly. Who doesn't associate the apple logo with Apple? Now, you are aware of the importance of corporate image and identity and the power that video has on it.

what are you waiting for?

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