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The importance of turning opportunities into customers

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For business life to be considered a full life, it must be lived with others. With those who need us. With those who, consciously or unconsciously, are looking for us. They are called potential customers. That is why an increasing number of companies are concerned about how to attract them.

do you know how you can achieve this, do you know the current techniques that allow you to do it? The answer lies in Inbound Marketing, a methodology that goes through a three-stop journey: discovery, consideration and decision.

are you joining us?

why is it important to focus on potential customers?

They say that the ways of buying have changed, and that, as a consequence, the ways of selling have also changed. Users and customers have an infinite number of websites where they can resolve their doubts, choose products, and decide between thousands and thousands of possibilities. But is there a way to get to your product or service? The answer is yes.

Thus arises Inbound Marketing, a strategy based on attracting customers through useful and relevant content that adds value in each of the stages of the buyer's journey. We are talking about discovery, consideration and decision. In this sense, the focus is on potential customers, whom we define through a buyer persona. After all, they are the ones who keep the flame of our activity alive.

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For this reason alone, it is important not to lose sight of their focus, because only then will it be possible for them to find our company through each and every internet channel. And when I say channels, I meanblogs and social networks, as well as search engines, among others. The goal is not to try to attract the attention of customers, but rather to cover their problems and needs in order to attract them in a natural way.

give them the trust and credibility they deserve!

Turn every opportunity into a sale

To do this, it is as important as it is necessary to take advantage of each of the tools provided by Inbound Marketing, from SEO and analytics to content creation and calls to action. This methodology is the best way to convert visitors into potential customers, so there are no 'buts' that prevent you from taking advantage of it.

As professionals in the world of Inbound Marketing, we are aware that nobody is going to leave their data without receiving something in return that really interests them. Remarkable content is the perfect barter to exchange it for the contact details of your potential customers. Only in this way, you will have already taken the first step: converting them into sales opportunities.

We are not talking about a simple conversion path, but about the process by which some strangers arrive at your website, visit it, get interested in the content you offer them, so they decide to leave their contact details in a form they have reached through a CTA or call to action, a landing page and, finally, they will land on a thank you page. They have become a sales opportunity for your company.

So, don't hesitate to take advantage of every opportunity to attract, convert and build loyalty.

Customers for life

On the contrary, we are at the beginning of the relationship. Many companies forget about their customers when they have already made a purchase. However, this is a very common mistake that we must avoid. Building customer loyalty is a guarantee of our future, as it consists of turning them into frequent or regular customers. To do this, it is important to take 6 things into account:

  • Design a quality product or service that provides value and satisfies the needs of our potential customers. This is essential for them to repeat their experience with us.
  • Be aware of our existence, so it is especially important to create and distribute content in line with the content marketing strategy. Tell them that you have a quality product capable of satisfying their needs or solving their problems.
  • Try to give them a good service, because it is not enough to offer a quality product. Attention, treatment and atmosphere also count.
  • Keep in touch with the customer, as they will value your attention and it will make them feel special, so don't hesitate to take care of them and thank them for their interest in your company.
  • Sending promotions, offers and discounts can also be a good way to contribute to customer loyalty, as they are likely to be interested. However, it is important not to overuse these elements.

Be nice, but don't make them uncomfortable. The benefits of using this type of technique can be decisive in building long-term relationships with customers, retaining them, increasing revenue, and gaining valuable information that our competitors don't know about. It's definitely an equal exchange of value between the company and our customers.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

a conclusion on transforming opportunities into customers?

In this post, we have contextualised Inbound Marketing with some of the basic pillars that support the strategy: buyer personas, potential customers, buyer's journey, sales opportunities, loyalty, etc. Do you know why we have done this? Because we want to convey to you the importance of taking advantage of this opportunity and transforming opportunities into customers for your company.

You are in the perfect moment to do so, especially considering the transformational and digital paradigm in which the world is immersed. Few are aware of the amount of opportunities that the combination of non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques to contact the user at the beginning of the buying process and accompany them until the final transaction.

The benefits can be far-reaching, and you as a business have little to lose and much to gain - don't wait for everyone to understand your journey and start designing your way!

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