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The importance of emotional marketing for your strategy

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Emotional marketing is defined as a set of strategies that try to have a direct impact on the emotions of users in order to achieve a sale. This type of marketing is very effective because human beings are more emotional than rational beings, so if we manage to meet the emotional needs of the majority of our audience, they will create an emotional bond with us.

why is emotional marketing so important in our strategy?

  1. loyalty: A closer relationship with the customer is achieved, and, therefore, greater loyalty.
  2. positioning: As the brand is better remembered, its positioning within the sector improves thanks to the perception that most customers will have of it.
  3. recommendation: Thanks to the good perception that customers have of the brand, they will recommend it and share these emotive messages through different channels .
  4. cost: Digital marketing content tends to go viral faster than any other advertisement, so you save money on paid ads .
  5. positivism: If your ad brings positivity to your customers, your brand will be remembered in a positive way .

La importancia del Marketing emocional para tu estrategia

The 6 pillars of emotional marketing

  • Affective brand-consumer bond. If there is no bond between the two, there is no emotional marketing. Thanks to the bidirectionality, the level of communication between the customer and the brand is very good. In addition, we must always remember that customers want to be heard, especially when it comes to giving their opinion about the brand's products and services. The customer is not only satisfied with the product because it meets their own needs, they are satisfied with the emotions and sensations that the product itself produces .
  • Experiences, sensations and emotions. For a brand it is essential to make a difference with its competition, otherwise it will go unnoticed among so much information. The main objective of an emotional marketing campaign is to humanise the brand itself, if the person is humanised, the brand will be humanised with them, at least in the eyes of the user .
  • Lovemark: the aim is to create brandlovers to make the brand loved, i.e. to make it a lovemark. To do this, we need our brand to make its customers fall in love with it.
  • Content marketing: Emotional marketing goes hand in hand with content marketing, because with a content strategy you will know at all times what to show, who to show it to and the exact moment when to show it in order to win over your customers.
  • Imagination: Another of the keys to emotional marketing is based on the image and the message that the consumer perceives from a brand. Both must be original, inspiring and, above all, impactful. To achieve this, imagination is absolutely necessary because the impact must be a constant. Appealing to positive emotions such as joy or fun can work very well, although anger, sadness and fear should not be forgotten either.
  • Vision: Maintaining a long-term vision of the brand is the guarantee of its survival. The brand must adapt to a changing social, economic and technological context, always bearing in mind that generating emotions in the customer with high-value content is the epicentre of the marketing strategy. Evolution and reinvention are absolutely necessary, which is why it is necessary to maintain a solid, coherent visionary approach that is open to change.

Examples of emotional marketing campaigns

  • Protex: One of the emotions that can make us choose a product is disgust, and this emotion was used by the Protex brand in a very effective way. Protex reminded us of all the dangers of not washing our hands, which made its anti-bacterial gel a leader in the sector .
  • Barbie: It seems that most campaigns are aimed at an adult audience, but Barbie opened a window for girls through aspirational advertising. The doll company achieved success through its popular Barbie Challenge campaign, in which the slogan "be whatever you want to be" stands out. Thanks to the designs sent in by little fans, they were able to sell millions of dolls representing the professions and trades that children long for or want to do as adults.
  • Estrella Damm Estrella Damm is another of the brands par excellence that has managed to touch the emotions of consumers with its "Mediterraneamente" spots. Their strategy is clear and effective: they relate their product, beer, to the good times spent with friends and family. In this way, they reach millions of people, not only because of what they show, but also thanks to their catchy songs, Mediterranean landscapes and the stories of their characters.

La importancia del Marketing emocional para tu estrategia

Now that you know what emotional marketing is, its pillars and the importance it has in the world of sales and in your Inbound Marketing strategy , it is time to get down to work.

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