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The importance of attracting potential customers

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Out there they need you. Someone is yearning for your products and services. They have a need that only you can meet, but to do so, you must be present in the online world and know the best way to sales opportunities. Distances can be shortened, but it all depends on your Inbound strategy. We are talking about potential customers, those who, based on a study, could become buyers, consumers or users of your products or services.

why is it important to attract potential customers, how can I attract them, how can I know if they are potential or not, what path should my company follow? If they need you, they will find you, but it is you who must establish the basis of the path.

Reasons why you should focus on your potential customers

The online world has become the main scenario for companies to show their products and services, as well as to generate sales opportunities. So much so that the media, as projectors of reality, have been reflecting it in their headlines. Without going any further, just two months ago, El Mundo published an article headed by the following headline: "Social networks, the best showcase for a business" .

So, taking into account this and other aspects, we want to share with you 10 reasons why it is important to focus on potential customers:

  1. They are fundamental for the subsistence of any business.
  1. They are the ones who can become buyers, consumers or users of our products or services.
  1. They are essential for the development and progress of the company.
  1. They are new sources of income that we naturally attract.
  1. They need our products or services because they can cover their needs or solve their problems.
  1. They find the answers to their questions in our content.
  1. We can provide them with the help they need, which we can achieve through the Inbound methodology.
  1. They allow us to establish long-term relationships, as well as achieve loyal customers to our brand.
  1. We must ask ourselves what they expect from us, why they prefer us to their competitors, whether they are loyal in the purchasing process or not, why they are looking for our products or services, what their habits are, etc.
  1. They are a party with whom our company is destined to meet.
  1. They help us to grow both internally and externally.

what are you willing to do to attract them?

Attraction: a priority objective for companies

A few years ago, I stumbled across a comment that said something like "attraction is not blind". It stuck in my memory, and today it is flourishing again on the side of Inbound Marketing. Why? Precisely because the new ways of buying and selling are based on this concept. Attraction through valuable content, together with other techniques, has become the best way to make your potential customers find you.

And I repeat: "attraction is not blind". In the Inbound methodology, it is manifested through content that provides specific value to those who reach it. We leave aside intrusion to focus on attraction. We say goodbye to traditional marketing to enter into new strategies. Of course, there are no fixed rules that indicate why we want one product or another, but it is true that educational content adapted to our needs provokes a click that invites us to go further.

So why is it important to attract your potential customers?

And not just attract them, but know who they are. Today, the evolution of the ways in which companies sell, buy and seek information about their products and services has increased the importance of knowing our potential customers.

Knowing them will be essential to be clear about the means of dissemination that we are going to use, the way in which we are going to deliver the content, how we are going to explain it to them, what techniques we are going to use, in what tone we are going to tell them, what the visual aspect is going to be like, etc. For this reason, today we have decided to emphasise the importance of potential customers.

You have the power to meet their needs and expectations, so we invite you to focus on them. If you have any doubts, if you don't know how to do it, or if you have an idea in mind, you can tell us about it.

There are no barriers to attraction.

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