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The impact of blockchain on Inbound Marketing

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A few weeks ago we told you about the applications of blockchain technology in marketing, do you remember? Based on what we already explained, today we want to talk about the impact it has had on the Inbound methodology, as it is the most revolutionary marketing style of the moment.

In fact, we are talking about two main dishes: blockchain and Inbound Marketing. Where do they meet?

We have found it, will you join us?

Blockchain in online marketing

This technology arrived with bitcoin almost 10 years ago. Since then, the world has found in the financial sector, health and marketing three ideal places to benefit from its advantages. One of its applications may have a significant influence on the way marketing is conceived, especially in those aspects that have to do with SEO and SEM.

As the web space Súmate explains, "companies like Google, Facebook or Twitter act as a hub, an intermediary, in the sense of being a link between advertisers and digital media". In this sense, what blockchain technology can do is eliminate intermediaries, the presence of third parties, that dependence that slows down speed, efficiency and economic savings.

what other uses do you think could be made of the incorporation of this system in marketing? In line with what we have been telling you, it seems that intrusive advertising could also be eliminated. Of course, we cannot forget the greatest advantage of the blockchain: its security. Furthermore, it seems that production processes could be known in detail by the end consumer.

is blockchain giving users back the power over their data?

what could be its consequences on the electronic marketplace?

Fortunate are those who take a forward-looking view of such a crucial present for companies as Inbound Marketing. The blockchain can bring with it a world of consequences, starting with the departure from the comfort of marketing and the internet, and continuing with the contribution of security in online purchasing processes. Some online marketing professionals dare to speak of a revolution that will bring with it multiple advantages.

will this system make users the centre of all your digital strategies?

At Envisage & Grow we are ready to face this revolution and welcome it as an opportunity and not as a threat.

Revolutionary winds are blowing

Everything we have told you in this post is a reflection of the possible uses that blockchain technology can bring to the world of Inbound Marketing. You already know that this methodology focuses its attention on attracting potential customers to companies, but it is not the only thing it does.

Inbound Marketing never ceases to surprise us, and if we thought we had found all its possibilities, such as the changes in the conversion funnel or the strength of video marketing, we are faced with the proof that we do not know everything. The blockchain is based on five keys: transaction, block, verification, hash and execution.

who could have imagined that the confluence of these could become a major player in online marketing?

Although we will have to wait to see if all the predictions come true, companies like Valpone have already begun to include this system in their purchasing processes. We are facing an era in which the user is once again in charge, because in the blockchain universe each person is the owner of their data, who has control and power over it. Imagine for a moment that you want to send a message to your customers and, to do so, you have to ask them first.

how do you think Inbound Marketing strategies would change with this technology? Can you think of any other ideas about the application of blockchain in the marketing world? If so, we would be delighted if you could share them with us.

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