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want to invest in blockchain startups? Do it with Bitstartups

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Potential, without investment, is worthless.

And you can have the best idea in mind, the most innovative project or the no-go-more in the market, but without financial resources you won't get further than the corner.

However, if you are a professional looking for blockchain platforms to invest in startups, things change. Potential projects? You have them. Profits? You get them. In different sectors? More than you imagine.

There are a multitude of platforms where entrepreneurs list their projects in search of investment and investors search for potential startups to deposit their money and obtain a return. Until a couple of years ago, crowdfunding, business angels and public subsidies, among other options, were the main financing alternatives.

With the advent of blockchain technology, and the incessant curiosity of professional developers, new ways of investing in startups have emerged. At Occam Agencia Digital we have developed the first Spanish startup launcher to use the blockchain.

find out how it works and find potential projects to invest in!

how does Bitstartups work?

It is not only the first Spanish startup launcher to use blockchain technology, but also the place where investors looking for potential and entrepreneurs who need to get investment meet.

It is the new project of Occam Agencia Digital, which since last February has been officially operating. Bitstartups allows anyone to invest from 1 euro AND NO FEES! And all thanks to blockchain technology.

It is a new launching model with which we intend to help hundreds of Spanish projects, and to demonstrate its operation and effectiveness, we have begun to test the model with ourselves.

In fact, you can already invest in La Roseta by following these simple steps:

  1. Register at Bitstartups and fill in the form fields (email, password and referral code).
  2. Then, verify your profile.
  3. Now, you only have to top up your wallet in euros by credit card or bank transfer.

that's it! In this investment platform we have our own RST token that provides numerous advantages, such as promotions or discounts. In addition, they are completely decentralised assets, we guarantee the security of their price and you can trade with other users easily.

let's take a closer look at its functionalities!

4 reasons to invest in blockchain startups

Or rather, the reasons why to invest in La Roseta:

  1. We have our own token called RST which provides advantages and benefits.
  2. The assets are 100% decentralised, allowing them to be traded once acquired on or off the platform.
  3. Trading the tokens with other users is easy, you can trade for more tokens or unwind positions and withdraw your investment.
  4. We guarantee the security of the price of the assets. The platform does not allow selling below the market price. Moreover, we understand that each project has a minimum value which is the initial selling price backed by the project itself.

The system that makes this whole process possible is called tokenisation, but what exactly is it and how does it relate to blockchain and startup investment?

Asset tokenisation in Bitstartups

It is a secure method of transforming and representing assets or objects within a blockchain. That's nothing, but behind tokenisation is a world of features and advantages:

  • A token is a unit of value that allows you to manage a business and facilitate the interaction of users with your products. For example, casino chips (in their own essence they are pieces of clay with no value in themselves, but in the context of the casino they do represent value).
  • Tokenising companies is synonymous with a funding opportunity with blockchain technology. A company that wants to showcase its project on La Roseta only has to submit the information about its project. The team analyses it to check its viability, and when it is approved, it is uploaded to raise the funds you need.
  • Tokenisation increases security, as the blockchain is a transparent system, with a very high degree of symmetric cryptography.
  • Itdoes not generate debt, so startups can raise funding for their projects without losing equity in their business.
  • It increases the control of the investment, which gives even more confidence.

invest in startups in a different way and show that you are not typical!

La Roseta finances projects through Utility Tokens, but what are they?

We could say that it is the basis of the operation of this platform and we would not be far from reality. However, Utility Tokens are much more than that. They are tokens that serve for something specific and have a price according to supply and demand. However, they should not be confused with Security Token, a type of asset whose price also varies according to supply and demand, but receives passive income according to the turnover of the company it represents.

Investing in startups with cryptocurrencies is easier than you think. ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are used to offer Utility Tokens to interested parties. To do this, a certain amount of tokens with a value for the company is announced. Finally, a specific amount is obtained for the development of the project.

everything clear so far?

The blockchain, the place where all the elements of Bitstartups converge

Throughout this post, we have talked about blockchain, tokenisation, Utility Tokens, cryptocurrencies, security and a long etcetera.

Blockchain technology is the place where all these elements make sense to make the platform work:

  • Tokenisation is a disruptive consequence of blockchain and means representing an asset within the chain. At La Roseta, investment can be raised for startups without losing equity or generating debt through tokenisation.
  • Utility tokens (RSTs) are utility tokens available to companies and run on the Ethereum blockchain. Holders of these tokens have certain project-related benefits, such as discounts.
  • Cryptocurrencies are making their way into the startup market as they are an important alternative when it comes to financing projects. Investors can invest in them through digital assets.
  • Security is guaranteed, as the blockchain uses cryptographic security mechanisms to access transactions or blocks. The rules that execute these transactions can be established through smart contracts.

For all this and much more, Bitstartups is a safe place to invest in startups and get returns.

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