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Blockchain lands in marketing, what are its applications?

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We bet this isn't the first time you've heard of blockchain technology, but its relationship to marketing is probably one of the last things you remember. Are we wrong?

In any case, let us tell you what blockchain is all about. Pure technology that today we want to transform into easily understandable words. This system is also known as blockchain and refers to "a data structure in which information is grouped into sets - blocks - to which information relating to another block of the previous chain is added on a timeline. Thanks to cryptographic techniques, the information contained in a block can only be repudiated or edited by modifying all subsequent blocks".

what does this achieve?

In a single word, security. We are talking about preventing our data and our privacy from being open to anyone's access, which is why blockchain technology is even more important in an era of recently updated data protection regulations. We may be talking about a real revolution in the way our data is stored.

We'd like to tell you what this has to do with marketing. Do you have any ideas yet?

Blockchain in digital marketing

It is no coincidence that we are here today to share with you the role of blockchain in digital marketing. And it is not because it is becoming increasingly clear that this technology is here to stay with you, with me, with us. So far, we have seen how it has revolutionised the financial world, but who's to say it can't revolutionise any other sector?

In the marketing world, over the last 10 years, even less, there have been major changes. We have witnessed the transformation of the buying process and, as a consequence, of the selling process. We have seen a shift from intrusion-based strategies to a methodology focused on attraction. From one-way communications to two-way interactions.

now what?

Now is the time to pay attention to the security of your consumers, especially considering the importance that data protection is gaining in recent times. Their privacy. Questions such as who will control the data of our potential customers? Who will win this battle? The predictions of expert groups have set their sights on the blockchain because of the security guarantees it offers.

And not only that, the blockchain could mark a turning point in advertising. Can you imagine what it would be like to track which ad has been shown to a user? For how long? Are you aware of the amount of analysis and conclusions you could draw from this information? How would it benefit your business?

How blockchain is changing the business world

It was born about 10 years ago. Its main scenario has been that of cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin was the first to incorporate this blockchain. Since then, its applications have opened up a world of possibilities, and this post is proof of that. Who could have thought at the time that this technology would reach the world of marketing? Can you imagine what it would be like to follow the journey of your ideal buyers with greater precision?

As we move forward, blockchain is not only becoming more popular, it is also gaining ground in the business world. Without really knowing why, here we are all taking advantage of the internet paradigm, a backbone whose ramifications point to new opportunities. The benefits of blockchain technology is one of them, especially because it not only brings security, but a big data spreadsheet that operates in a decentralised network and translates into trust.

This is definitely a very important opportunity for companies and businesses - we are talking about accuracy, security, transparency, trust and innovation.

One last thing about marketing and blockchain

could this be the beginning of a revolutionary path? We'll have to wait and see, but today's needs point to blockchain being an effective solution for tomorrow.

And you, have you already thought about how many things you could change in your business with blockchain technology?

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