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The best WordPress plugins for your website

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Wordpress is a software application for creating and managing websites. It is the simplest and most popular way to create a website or blog. The best thing about it is that you don't need to know programming or be an expert to be able to build your own site, it is accessible to anyone.

This software is popular and a perfect choice for creating blogs and websites, thanks to its many features, including a wide range of plugins.

Today we bring you the best plugins for wordpress so that you can use them and make the most of them.

But, what is a plugin?

A plugin is an extension of your website that modifies and improves some main function, it is a small program that you install on your website to extend or improve the functionality that comes with Wordpress by default.

These are a good and simple solution to improve the capabilities of Wordpress, you just have to look for the plugin you need, download it and install it.

Within this platform there are a wide variety of these extensions, both free and paid. Today we present the best Wordpress plugins for your website.

Best wordpress plugins

  1. yOAST SEO

Possibly one of the best known and most used wordpress plugins to improve SEO positioning, the best thing about this extension is that it is also free.

Yoast SEO will help you to optimise your content, improving the use of keywords, the title, the meta description, etc. In addition to suggesting internal links to optimise the structure of your website and check the readability of your texts.

SEO positioning is essential for your website to appear in the first results in Google SERP, and with this plugins you can make this possible.


  1. wP ROCKET

Adding this plugin will improve the speed of your website, plus it is easy to configure.

The loading speed of a website is not a task to leave lightly, as it is one of the main reasons why a user may abandon your website. If the loading time is high, the surfer will not hesitate to close your page without visiting it. It is the perfect extension to improve the user experience.


This extension allows you to make backups in wordpress of your websites, automatically and easily.

UpdraftPlus makes backups of files and data, sends them to the cloud, you can send them by email or FTP, and also, with this tool you can restore your website.

This plugin has a free version and a paid version, if you are starting out we recommend you try the first one.

  1. wP FORMS

It is easy to use, easy to configure and very flexible, so this plugin to make your contact forms is ideal.

WP Forms is a very complete contact form editor, with drag and drop functionality to help you quickly create a form on your website, it also has pre-designed starter templates.

  1. wPML

This plugin is used to create a multilingual website. Nowadays, thanks to the internet anyone from anywhere can reach your website, if you want to expand and reach other audiences, you have to break the language barriers.

This extension is perfect for this task, it also allows you to optimise your website with SEO functions.

  1. sUCURI

It is a security plugin, it has malware detection and removal functions, file integrity control and security monitoring of your website, protection against DDoS attacks, etc.

Sucuri is your perfect ally to protect your site, because websites are exposed to be attacked by bots or hackers.


If you know the world of digital marketing you will know that Google Analytics is not a plugin as such, but it is essential that you integrate this analytics tool with Wordpress, to be able to see all the data about the activity on your website.

The only thing you have to do is to include the tracking code in your website, and from that moment on, it will allow you to see the data of your website, such as the visits you receive, from which location they do it, from which device, the pages with more audience, etc.

It is necessary to monitor your website, because you need to know what is happening, and analysing the statistics will help you to make better decisions in your digital marketing strategies.



The last of the list, but not the worst, it is the best plugin to create pages.

Elementor will allow you to create your website in an easy and fast way. It has a simple drag and drop system and it has a free version, so if you are just starting out it is a perfect option.

This plugin offers more than 100 templates to start your site, more than 90 widget options and a progress bar. Elementor works with most Wordpress themes, but still make sure you choose one that is ready to use this plugin.

We have given you a short list of the most popular Wordpress plugins that are easy to set up and use, now it's your turn to choose the one that best suits your needs. We know that finding the perfect combination of plugins is a difficult task, but using and adding them to your website will bring you many improvements.

Although Wordpress does not have a limit to install plugins you should be careful, by this we mean that installing too many extensions can be harmful, as it increases the loading time, they are too heavy and can even bring you security problems if they are not 100% reliable. We recommend you to choose carefully and choose the ones that best suit your goals.

we hope you have enjoyed this reading!

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