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BackOffice and FrontOffice in dental clinics

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We have already told you on occasion what the BackOffice and FrontOffice are, what differentiates them and their importance in companies. The nature of these concepts has led them to different scenarios, with the BackOffice becoming a part of the company capable of digital transformation. Bearing in mind that this is the area in which internal management is carried out (logistics, accounting, communication, human resources, etc.), the people who make it up form part of the administration and are not customer-facing.

The FrontOffice, on the other hand, is that part of the company that does face the customer, such as the person who directly sells the product or service. In this post we want to tell you how they work in dental clinics because it is a scenario in which a great deal of 'back office' work is carried out.

BackOffice for your dental clinic

It is perhaps the traditional businesses that are feeling the call of digital transformation the most, especially those where the collection and storage of personal data is done on a regular basis, either to make calls, to make appointments or for something else. And not only that, but the business would not make sense if there were no accounting activity behind it to manage this and other issues related to marketing, productivity, electronic medical records, etc.

A clear example of this is dental clinics, where there is usually one or more people in charge of managing patients' appointments with the dentist, accounting tasks, etc. Therefore, it is not surprising that the team has specialised software to record all their tasks. It is the best way to keep control of the business.

In this case, the FrontOffice of the clinic would be made up of the dentist and the person in charge of contacting and receiving the patient, while the BackOffice is made up of all those back-office tasks that we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

why should clinics value these programmes?

In short, because they facilitate their day-to-day tasks. Moreover, this type of software usually includes exclusive functionalities directly related to the activity they carry out. In many cases, they are systems that you don't even need to install on your computer, especially because they are usually already in the cloud, so they are easy and convenient to access.

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Smart software improves the way clinics work

Medical and healthcare organisations are increasingly turning to ERP solutions and back-office software to automate most of their routine tasks. Things like finding or identifying patients in documents, assigning appointments, managing files, admitting patients or prescribing medication are no longer open to clutter.

Purchasers now have the possibility to implement different tools or applications to cover all their needs. However, there are still many centres that are not aware of whether or not they need such a tool. If you think this is the case for you, think about how you are handling medical practice billing, image storage and retrieval, medical accounting, administration, shift management, etc.

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