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Size of images on social media in 2022

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Taking care of the image on social networks is very important, especially if it is a brand or company page, since it is going to be one of the main communication channels. Using well-kept and unified photographs in terms of size projects a better image and generates greater trust in the user. For this reason, today we will talk about the image sizes of the most popular social networks. Pay attention!

what sizes should you take into account if you want to publish photographs on networks?


  1. Profile picture: The profile picture of your page will be displayed in square format. Its dimensions are 170 × 170 pixels for computers. On smartphones it will be displayed in 128 × 128 px.
  2. Cover photo: 851 x 315 px is the recommended size. With regard to the Facebook cover photo, it will be displayed with a size of 820 x 312 px (width and height, respectively) on computers, and 640 x 360 px for mobile devices, both for personal profiles and company pages.
  3. Facebook event cover: The dimensions will be 1,200 x 628 px.
  4. Publication images: In the case of shared images, they should be 1,200 x 630 px. If it is the image accompanying a shared link, the recommended size is 1,200 x 630 px.
  5. Video: 1,080 x 1,080 px.
  6. Stories: 1,080 x 1,920 px.


  1. Profile photo: the recommended size is at least 320 x 320 px. It does not mean that you must upload it in that size, it is recommended that it has a higher resolution. Remember that the photos are displayed in a circular shape.
  2. Square photo: 1.080 × 1.080 px. is recommended, and the maximum size allowed is 2080 x 2080 pixels, although in the feed they will appear in size 510 x 510 px.
  3. Vertical photo: 1,080 × 1,350 px.
  4. Horizontal photo: 1080 × 566 px (566 px maximum so that the image is not cropped).
  5. Size for Instagram Stories (photo): 1080 x 1920 px. is stipulated, although these images depend on the device on which they are displayed (each story adapts to the resolution of the device).
  6. Size of videos: On Instagram they must have a maximum duration of 60 seconds and a size of 640 x 640 px.
  7. IGTV: must have a minimum resolution of 720 px. If it lasts 10 minutes or less, its maximum size must be 650 MB, and those up to 60 minutes, 3.6 GB. Remember that the file format must be MP4, its cover image 420 x 654 px. Finally, bear in mind that the maximum duration of the video, if you upload it from mobile, will be only 15 minutes.

Tamaño de las imágenes en redes sociales en 2022


  1. Profile picture: 400 × 400 px, taking into account a minimum dimension of 130×130 pixels.
  2. Profile header size: 1,584 × 396 px.
  3. Company logo size: 300×300 px.
  4. Cover photo size for company pages: The recommended size is 1128 x 191 px.
  5. Post image: 520 x 320, 1200 x 627 px.
  6. Post with link: In this case the images to be used should be 1200 x 627 px.
  7. Images for sponsored content: 1,200 x 627 px.


  1. Profile image: The stipulated size is 165 x 165 px.
  2. Cover image: Pinterest recommends an image with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 800 x 450 px.
  3. Pins: The size of the pins should be 1,000 x 1,000 px, with an aspect ratio of 2:3.
  4. Board image: Must be 1,000 x 1,000 px.


  1. Profile picture: it is recommended that its size is no smaller than 20 x 20 px.
  2. Size of videos: 1,080 x 1,920 px.

Tamaño de las imágenes en redes sociales en 2022


  1. Profilepicture: Twitch recommended size is 256 x 256 px.
  2. Profile banner: 1,200 × 480 px.
  3. Video player banner: 1,920 × 1,080 px.
  4. Twitch alert images: Between 700 - 750 × 200 - 250 px.
  5. Twitch VOD thumbnail: 1,280 × 720 px.
  6. Twitch badges (subscriber badges, loyalty emblems): For these badges, which symbolise the audience's loyalty to the Twitch streamer, it is recommended to upload them in these three sizes: 72 x 72, 36 x 36 and 18 x 18 px.
  7. Twitch emotes: These emotes are used by a streamer's subscribers to react to what happens in a live stream. Like badges, the recommended sizes for uploading an emote are three: 28 x 28, 56 x 56 and 112 x 112 px.


  1. Profile photo: Must measure 400 × 400 px (or 200 x 200) and have a 2MB weight limit.
  2. Cover photo: 1,500 × 500 px (or 1024 x 280) in width and height respectively, and a maximum image weight of 5MB.
  3. Tweets with image: 1,600 x 900 px. (5MB maximum image weight: .JPG, .PNG and GIF).
  4. Tweet with image and link: minimum size 120 x 120 px.
  5. Tweet Card: 800 x 800 px. for square size and 800 x 418 px. to display a horizontal image.


  1. Profile picture: 800 x 800 px. and 4 MB maximum, can be in JPG, GIF (not animated), BMP or PNG format.
  2. Cover photo: Recommended size is 2,048 x 1,152 px. and a maximum size of 6 MB.
  3. YouTube thumbnail size: 1,280 × 720 px. minimum width is 640 px. and weight limit 2 MB.
  4. Advertisements: in video format the stipulated size is 1,920 × 1,080 px; a horizontal display ad would be 300 × 600 px.
  5. Video watermark image: YouTube recommends uploading an image of at least 150 × 150 px, in JPEG, PNG, GIF (not animated) or BMP and a maximum of 1 MB.
  6. Videos: As with images, YouTube recommends that the videos you upload should be in the highest resolution possible, i.e. at least 1280 x 720 px.

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