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IT sector: How to amplify the reach of content on social networks

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We are immersed in a changing and up-to-date technological era. Its playing field is capable of accommodating participants of all kinds. Competition is at its peak, and even members of the same team find themselves pitted against each other. Those who are like ourselves, in fact, become the strongest rival. They try to get ahead, to get ahead of the race, but, above all, they seek to stand out from the rest. Are you ready to win the game?

Interactivity on social media

Cómo amplificar el alcance de tu contenido en redes socialesIn an environment as interactive as the Internet, social networks are in the race for success. Around two billion users use them every day to interact with each other. Sometimes their purpose is purely for fun, but on other occasions the main objective is to make themselves known and gain followers. This is especially true for companies and brands.

At this point, we should stop and think for a moment and ask ourselves the following questions: Why do I use social networks in my company? Why do I consider them important in the development of my business? What results have I obtained with them? We can even make comparisons.

3 ways to amplify the reach of your social media content

First of all, we must be aware that social networks allow us to attract visitors and convert them into sales opportunities. So much so, that some data collected by the State of Inbound Report has shown that more than 80% of marketers have managed to generate qualified leads through them. Undoubtedly, this is a success that requires effort. Working on it can achieve the growth of your company. Let's see the necessary steps to carry it out:

  1. Social media monitoring (research) means that we can learn about the opinions and reach of our brand, as well as track more visitors and learn about trends in the industry in which your company operates.
  2. Posting on social networks (writing): Content is a fundamental weapon in the Inbound strategies of companies in the IT sector. It is the value that we transmit to our buyer personas, so that you not only share content but also value. To publish well, we must take into account what we publish and how we publish it, as this will determine how the public perceives us. Some examples of the social networks most used by companies in the IT sector are: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Instagram Business will also allow you to stand out in your sector.
  3. Evaluate your efforts: To do this, it is essential to use social media reports, so that you can make changes and compare your efforts with the results obtained.

If you are a company in the IT sector that dreams of amplifying the reach of your content on social networks, you should know that you are facing a fact that may no longer be utopian. It depends on you.

how to develop a social media strategy in the IT sector?

To develop a successful social mediastrategy within the IT sector and, as a consequence, amplify the reach of your content, it is necessary to establish the following steps within monitoring, publishing content and evaluating the effort:


  • Determine objectives and goals. Starting a project with an end goal in mind is the first step to achieving success. These goals or objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.
  • Define sources: This refers to those that monitor the words or terms your buyers use to describe and refer to your company, product or service.
  • Segmentation: Fragment your audience based on location, the content they are interested in, etc.
  • Personalised responses: You need to take the time to respond to the questions that are generated on social networks.

Posting on social networks:

  • Optimise your company profile (clear and recognisable logo, concise description, and a link to your website).
  • Create a style guide that clearly specifies the rules to be followed on the social media platforms used, e.g. a uniform way of responding to customers, sharing content, number of hashtags, tone of posts, type of infographics, etc.
  • Adapted content on the different platforms you publish and aimed at your buyer personas so that the entire strategy is homogeneous and with the same objective.
  • Share relevantcontent related to your company's activity.
  • It is necessary to be consistent in the publication of content on social networks. This will give greater seriousness and users will see your company as a place to go to when they need it. To do this, it is advisable to create a schedule or calendar of publications where the details of the content are specified.

Evaluate your efforts:

  • Establish benchmarks and metrics so that you can compare your results with those of other companies in the IT sector.
  • Calculate the return on investment (ROI): To do this, it is important to evaluate how you invest your time and what the data obtained reflects. For example: if one of your company's goals within the IT sector is to attract 10% more visitors to your website than the previous month from social networks, it is necessary to invest time publishing and distributing content on social networks.

Social media in the Inbound methodology

Social media has become a unique and very useful tool for each stage of the Inbound methodology. Why?

  1. Attract: At this stage, social media can be used to attract visitors through content published on social media.
  2. Convert: Social media can help convert visitors into sales opportunities. There are many users who are willing to provide the data requested in exchange for content offers made through social media.
  1. Social media has already helped you convert visitors into qualified sales opportunities. Converting them into customers is now your priority. Although at this stage you have to use the sales tools available to ensure that the closing cycle is completed, let's not forget that social media has been one of the ways to achieve these opportunities, i.e. to get there.
  1. Interacting with users is one of the main bases for pleasing customers, as the expectations they have of companies in the IT sector are increasing. Helping them to achieve success is our responsibility. Achieving this will make them continue to bet on your products or services, generating long-term relationships and making them recommend our company. Social networks can be a perfect way to do this.

A proper use of social media in the IT sector will allow you to expand the reach of your content, you will manage to offer a unique experience to your customers following the Inbound method, and, finally, you will have achieved your main goal: to increase your exposure.

if you work at it, anything is possible!

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