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Until a few years ago, maintaining the essence of web design on the different devices available to us was a real challenge. The mobile phone and the tablet have become two more companions in our daily lives, so something had to change. Has it ever happened to you that you have accessed a website from your mobile phone and the design was completely different from the one you were viewing from another device? Has it caused you bewilderment and confusion? For us, of course, yes. Therefore, we want to share with you our way of acting to offer the correct display of the same page on different devices. We are talking about responsive design.

do you want to know how we achieve it?

At Occam Digital Agency, we like to keep the essence of things, wherever they go. Keeping the spirit intact and that 'something' that allows you to quickly recognise what it is. It happens to us with websites and it happens to us with every action we undertake. That is why we are going to explain how we manage to maintain a responsive or adaptive design in the technological websites we work with:

  1. We know in detail the elements of responsive design, which are necessary to adapt and make websites more flexible to the changes in which we have immersed ourselves and which require the handling of large volumes of information, the incorporation of technological tools, etc.
  2. We know how to adapt it to technological websites. We have the knowledge and the necessary and sufficient tools to work on each website. We want to adapt them to the demands that inhabit the new world of companies.
  3. We value and observe the work and dedication of each website, which is fundamental for companies in the IT sector to achieve the expected results.
  4. We do not ignore the calls to action (CTA). It is necessary to work on their clarity and description to include them in the web pages and achieve their objective: to attract potential customers and convert them into final customers.
  5. We highlight the professional logo of the companies. It is the sign of identity of technological organisations, that is to say, what allows us to identify them quickly. For this reason, we highlight it on the web pages and maintain its responsive design and structure.
  6. We are clear in what we offer. We express clarity in everything we offer, whether it is in the activity itself or in the product. Our aim is for the visitor to understand what we are showing them.
  7. We are aware of the advantages of including the contact number. It is necessary to establish it in the right place (at the top of the page). Its inclusion speeds up the communication process.
  8. We make navigation easier thanks to the presence of menus. Well-generated and incorporated navigation menus allow a more attractive and user-friendly web design for users.
  9. We use social networks and we are consistent in their use. We include buttons on the desired social networks to reach users in other ways. If they are interested in what we tell them, they will start following us.
  10. We maintain uniformity in the title of each page and check that the bullets, links, words and structure originally established are maintained.

Our mission is to make it easy for you.

what is our goal?

diseño web empresa tecnológicaIn a few words: to provide all users of a page or website with the same content and a unique user experience as similar as possible from any device. The responsive design used by Occam Digital Agency seeks the best practices in web design. That is why we work on the improvement, resizing and placement, as the main axes of any website. With these steps, we not only get a design that adapts to the width of each device, but we manage to reduce development time and increase the flow of content that circulates through the web.

But, above all, ....

Our responsive design is a kind of octopus whose legs hold the 10 factors on which we focus to achieve it. The core or head capable of moving such an immense volume is flexibility, which manages to increase the virality of the contents and fluidity, as well as avoiding the presence of duplicate information.

And not only that, thanks to our skills, we are able to adapt and walk hand in hand with an increasingly changing and updated reality. Companies, in general, and the IT sector, in particular, are witnessing the transformation directly, so, among other things, they require the creation or adaptation of professional, responsive and optimised corporate websites.

With the capacity to adapt websites to any device from which they are viewed, Occam Digital Agency's statistics on website creation for technology companies show web traffic and, even better, prevent Google from penalising websites, as they have already taken the first step in being 'responsible'.

We are aware that, to achieve this, you need more than just passion and effort. Our best teacher is experience, which is why Occam Digital Agency has a long experience in website creation and the factors involved: domain, control panel, design, hosting, etc. We tell you about it, but it is you who can live it.

don't let your website become obsolete, it's time to put yourself in our hands!

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