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Reducing costs in a company by transforming the Back Office

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We live in an increasingly competitive and complicated context where companies take advantage of all the resources at their disposal to reduce costs and improve administrative processes. The Back Office is the place where important improvements can be made that will later be reflected in the organisation of work and in the offer of a service based on excellence. Perhaps, the tasks carried out in this internal part of the companies are not the most relevant, but they are essential to ensure its proper functioning and to reduce costs in a company.

why outsourcing the back office can reduce costs in a company?

Outsourcing or digital transformation are two possible solutions for the 'back office' of companies. The back office is that part that is invisible to customers, but decisive for companies because of the much-needed support services it provides. We have the answer to the question we posed in the title of this section: Why outsourcing the back office can save costs in companies? For a very simple reason.

Hiring specialised support services allows the company to focus on its tasks, which increases value, reduces costs and improves the user experience. It no longer needs to invest time and resources in unnecessary tasks, but can be streamlined with management platforms, or simply left in the hands of experts. For this reason, many brands opt for BPO solutions, i.e. professional support from companies that are specialists in tasks that are not seen but are very important for their operation.

Thanks to the development of back office solutions, companies of different sizes and sectors are transforming their relationship with their customers.

Tasks performed in the back office of companies

The range of activities that take place in the back office of a company is very broad, including all tasks related to the management of the organisation itself, such as communication and IT tasks, human resources management, finance, accounting and many others:

  • Approval of suppliers: This is essential for the proper functioning of the company, which needs to have solvent suppliers who comply with their obligations. However, there are not always enough staff to ensure that suppliers are performing their tasks correctly and that they are up to date with their payments.
  • Supplier invoice processing: As the company grows, so does the volume of information and administrative tasks related to payments, invoices and other formalities. However, some companies that do not have an accounting department outsource this service to the back office.
  • Custody of documents, either through document management software, data protection systems with encryption, or other types of services. The information we store in companies is often their main asset, so we need to have it properly organised and protected. For this reason, many companies outsource the custody of their documents.
  • Order management: Back office management is very necessary in collection and order management departments, especially because they need to follow up and manage their tasks. The people who work in this activity must be aware of the calls with customers, the amounts that are pending, the authorisation for a certain collection, etc.

Long-established businesses may feel the call of digital transformation the most, especially those where the collection and storage of data is done on a regular basis (a dental clinic, a law firm, a health centre, etc.).

are you ready to take on the digital transformation of the back office and ensure efficient administrative processes? The change can start now.

Advantages of digitising your back office tasks

Below, we would like to highlight some of the great advantages that companies that have already begun the process of digital transformation are experiencing in their businesses:

  • Maximises productivity at the workstations.
  • It standardises the entire company, as it is not simply a question of optimisation, but of establishing a common way of working, a single service model.
  • Accelerates deployment and adapts the company to cooperative systems and standards.
  • Improve the efficiency of the company's operational processes and infrastructures.
  • Reduce operational and transactional costs, as automation helps eliminate unnecessary manual effort and improves self-help capabilities.
  • Improve access and communication channels and service catalogue management.
  • Improved return on investment (ROI), this indicator can benefit from improvements in tracking, monitoring, scheduling and analysis.
  • The company can have at its disposal a platform with which to continuously improve its services.

If you have already started your digital transformation process in the Back Office and you are experiencing these or other advantages, we encourage you to tell us about it. It is time to improve quality and reduce costs in your administrative work.

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